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From the time I could walk and talk I've seen spirits and communicated with them just as I do the living.
Often they may tell me things that only the person having a reading with me would know, I do share these regardless of how trivial they may seem at the time, and as another method of sharing them I ask the spirits to speak into the microphone set up specifically for them, if they wish to do so.

Here is one instance where the Spirit present wanted to speak through me.



(Please note: If you order the EVP scan, not only do you get the whole reading but any individual EVPs/Spirit voices that were captured during that session).

I guess when your child is often speaking about people that other's don't hear or see,  maybe something is more to it than just a vivid imagination. So too, I began to realize there was something unique about my new friends that often would visit me in groups of 4 or more, and the fact no one else acknowledged them was almost magical to me as a child, in a way, I grew used to family members saying I had imaginary friends, well given they didn't see them or hear them I completely understand that this may had been odd so what better way to excuse this behavior. 

After some time as it still remained and I grew older now reaching then, age 8, my Mother began thinking perhaps it's a psychological thing, well I remember having these wires glued to the top of my scalp and a flashing light going on at the hospital. There were other neurological tests but nothing was found abnormal.

I asked Ruth, a Spirit friend of mine if she would allow me to record her on video, explaining how it my help others here to accept

there is life after death or life after life as Spirit often correct me.

Here is that video I feel so fortunate to have been

allowed to record one night in the cemetery.

They sound different

During my early years it was quite difficult to distinguish spirit from those around me in this realm, they were so vividly clear, Ithink the reason was that I didn't try to challenge the idea that there was another explanation, as a child you just go with it, the only thing I did notice was their voice appeared more raspy or high, I later learnt that they have no voice box as we do. 

My Guide Sowella
It was at age 11 I first met Sowella, it was a meeting that began in intervals, I'd see her but she never spoke just smiled. Then one day I waved and she waved back, I motioned for her to come and talk to me, she did sitting on the end of my bed, she introduced herself as my 'Watcher' there to watch over me and protect me from any harm.

The new home

We (my mother and I)  moved into a new home in Merrylands and my Mother had to work night shift so I was often alone. In those days it wasn't so bad as I had friends to call up and we'd sit chatting on the phone for hours. I remember one occassion I met the house spirit would open the hallway door, it was scary to me at first because unlike other spirits I met this one never showed themselves they'd just move things and touch me like gentle pokes on the back or on my face. It was later our neighbour Lil told my mother that a woman had died in our house.

Deformed or Partial Formation