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Whats a reading with me like?

If you thought a reading is simply someone dressed up in gypsy attire, with crystals, incense and an eerie atmosphere gazing into a crystal ball or reading cards like they do in the movies then, I'm sorry to disappoint you but this couldn't be further from the truth. Although I love incense, candles, and crystals my attire is anything but gypsy. I naturally cannot speak for others in the industry, gee Im not even sure I like that word 'industry' :) However, I've never studied this, that's right...NEVER! You won't find awards on my wall or a diploma for passing some man made courses by some spiritualist organisation. After all, in the beginning it was a gift that was given to the seer. God didn't create the world then decide to add courses on the side for people to be able to communicate with spirit or read the cards, so why should I spend to have a peice of paper say I am a qualified Psychic Medium? I feel that the testimonials are my credit to that, I am only human and it's not up to me to say I am 100% spot on or not, I know I'm not perfect and will have the occassional mistake or two, however as far as saying how good I am or aren't, I leave that to the ones having the reading. Regardless though I prefer that people don't start bombarding me with questions, if you do then you've pretty much in my books, tarnished the reading by telling me what it is you want to know. In my opinion, if you ever have a reader ask you why you wanted a reading, then get up and walk out or just hang up, because if there's one thing I will never allow anyone to accuse me of and that's saying 'you only knew that because I told you so'. I give all my credit to God and my beautiful Guide Sowella and any spirits that are around me before and during a reading. And this is the wonderful thing I find, they tell me all I need to know by showing me symbols that in my life I've come to realise are unique to me. Im sure that without their intervention I would probably be rendered useless. My readings are about truth and a focus on healing, as much as I'd love to tell a person that their knight in shining armour is about to charge into their life, fact is, if I don't see it.. I won't say it. It is sad to see so many running from one person to the other for a reading because they weren't satisfied with the outcome seen but what they don't realise is, that in doing so they are damaging their right of passage on their karmic path. To go from one reader to another means that eventually you will hear what you want to hear but then disappointment will hit hard. Why? Because spirit has told me to put the brakes on a person having too many clusters of readings, my clients know I am strict about them keeping 3-6 mths between readings. And if they've gone to another, spirit will tell me don't worry about that. On principal if you have a reading and don't like the outcome then go to someone else straight after or within the first 3 months of that you will have a continuation of where that previous reading left off and as they say 'patience is a virtue'. If you have done this and a reader is referencing to 'the now' it won't make any sense because it isn't happening now, but still to come. As a direct result of this the client says the reader was useless and gives them a negative review. However it isn't the reader at fault if the client has been from jumping from one reader to another, in these instances the client needs to take responsiblity and refrain from overdosing on readings until the previous one has come to pass of the timing of 3-6 months. I also have been told by spirit that there are people just out to test a reader, why is beyond me because naturally if this is the case then once again, it' is a case of reader crashing.. So, as a result that person blogs how bad the reader was because they were referencing things that were seen to be the now but because they'd not long had a reading by someone else the timing crosses and bang.. you're stumped because the now is still to come... sigh (now I'm confused LOL) Another thing you won't find me doing is approaching a person at random in public to tell them that their deceased Mother, Grandmother or other relative is around them, how rude! And on principal to that healing soul that is trying to deal with this great loss in their life means that you then put them into the public spotlight and you may think it's a wonderful thing you're doing but you have to walk away from that person, and you don't know what further torment your ego actions may cause them. The only time I will speak of a spirit being present (if they are of course) is when that person seeks me out. Im not going to do a Woopie Goldberg in Ghost and head out to your home yelling out 'You knitted a jumper 3 sizes too big' or 'you're wearing the earings he bought you!' Seriously and these ones that say 'he is kneeling beside you asking you to marry him', well thats the cruelest thing I have ever seen a Medium do. Do they comprehend that this person may attempt suicide if they are hearing you say such things? Obviously not! Well I know I'm rambling here but there are a few things in this blog I wanted to also get off my chest (I'm sure you could tell). These, are the ones that make a joke out of what reading is all about. I have no objection to passing on spirit messages, these are not done in a way that seeks out that person by calling their number, going to their home but I will post 'Spirit Visitation' by way of the Fb page 'The High Priestess Studio'. There are some I won't post because of the fact they are very vague or are only dropping by to say hello. Where they appear, I will describe that spirit, however will just endeavor to share their message. Even my own Father has given permissoin for me to share his visitation which I recorded, to others as a means of healing.

Here is one visitation which to me was quite emotional. Helen, a 17 year old female who said she left her body when her car went off the road. At first I just heard a disembodied voice about the room then I asked if she needed help. She said she just wanted to let her parents know that she loved them and is so sorry for leaving them with so much, I asked if she would like me to try to take her photo she said almost instantly 'yes 'and she did all she could to manifest, however as a new soul she tried incredibly hard to appear with form. Although her face is not formed as one might hope, I feel she did an amazing job. She stood in my doorway and this image was taken using my iPhone's basic camera without flash, there's no need for the flash most of the time because spirit is self illuminate anyway.

Visitation Maria stood quietly in my bedroom doorway trying so hard to appear bless her heart. This was taken without a flash just using the iPhone As you see Spirits aren't scary or there to harm anyone they just may need help in crossing over or contacting someone to say one last goodbye. Every soul is different and just as there are some in this world that want privacy there are also those on the other realm who do as well. I've at times had some spirits who are what I call 'observers' , they simply watch what is going on and I have to smile at the ones that show surprise that I hear or see them. What I love most is that many exclaim 'you can see me!' :D I also welcome them to share things that only their loved one would know, sometimes I'm given a feeling or something odd like a tune I can't seem to get out of my head. Yesterday I had a case of a weird acidy taste in my mouth, ewh.. I told the client whose reading was via phone and she said she had just not long thrown up. I thought OMG gross LOL I'm tasting the after effects. But that's what happens when I begin to tune in or connect with a person with whom I'm about to read or am reading. I pride my readings on being different, recording to CD is a great way for people to keep a copy of the session for future reference, the other thing I love is that spirit are invited to partake in the readings and naturally as I record these sessions I welcome them to speak on the recorder also. I had a situation where a lady called to have a reading when I had the office, she asked if I could fit her in that day, since I had a reading about to arrive and no more until 2hrs after that I said sure. I didn't ask for her name, as I don't feel the need to, the only time I use a persons name is when i'm doing a sample, out of courtesy I introduce the sample with 'hi this is Karen, today I'm doing a sample for.....' that's it! I really don't want to know about why they want a reading, in fact it's not going to be the begin and end all for me, not knowing. I've never been a person to stick my nose into anyone's business, including family. Im there to tell that person what comes through, what I see, feel and think and if I do ask a question like 'does that make sense?' I simply ask for a yes or no.. Anyway, the lady arrived and as she sat down I heard a male say 'hello Karen, my name is Robert and this is my wife ****' I started the recording and said 'it seems you have asked a male to be present, he tells me his name is Robert, does that make sense?' She nodded. I said 'he also tells me you are his wife, so I assume this is your husband in spirit, yes?' She replied 'yes, Robert is my husband and he is why I am here today'. Robert divulged things like how she fell onto a bush beside the back steps and he was there, he said he loved her and shared other personal things that she validated could only be Robert telling me this. However the best was yet to come, on the recording Robert's voice was captured and when she played the CD once she got home she heard him say he loved her and other things. She called me to say thank you and also to ask if it were normal for animals to react to the voice of spirit? I asked why? She said 'well I played the CD and when the EVPs were playing our dog ran over to the speaker and began whimpering then he ran to the front door. Given animals are able to see and sense spirit, they are the ones that would certainly in my books, take the most convincing when it comes to EVP. The dog no doubt recognised his masters voice and later she divulged that before Robert passed away, everytime he would come home the dog would run to the front door to greet him. Could the dog had thought Robert was coming home? Or was Robert actually at the front door? You decide. In my opinion with any reading, it's one thing to say there is a soul present and another thing to prove it. I let the spirits prove it if they wish, I'm simply the go-between. Another occassion a lady arrived with her daughter and another male spirit was present, prior to her arriving I welcomed any spirits that wished to speak to please say what they wanted now so by the time I'm doing the reading I can focus on that. A male said 'she had a horrible birthday thanks to the kids!' Upon her arrival I told her what spirit told me and she said 'you bet I did! I had the restaurant booked and my sons, not one of them even bothered to come and it was my 50th!' She then realised someone had to had told me and she asked 'who said this to you, how, how do you know?' I told her a male told me, obviously that part prior to telling her what was said went right over her head. :D Well once again, this was a person hoping for a loved one to come through and they weren't disappointed.. it was her Father. Every reading is different, like the occassion the deceased husband yelled at me 'ton't say a thing about me to my wife because she won't give up', he said 'she goes from one person to another and I just want peace!' This was after I acknowledged him.. he was not happy adding 'I just thought you were like the rest of them!' I admit I felt bad for him, imagine, you just want your loved ones to heal and then here are these people telling them you're there, and you then further feel an obligation to remain when you feel helpless at the fact you can't seem to do anything to give them closure. Well, fortunately the woman's reaction was the opposite to that which he expected, she said 'Thank you, that's all I needed to know to move on'.

Finally I never force any spirit to communicate,, just as we have a free will, so does spirit. ~ Karen Enjoy the video taken of a tiny Angel in my home :)

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