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ORBS - Allow me to dispel the myth

Updated: Nov 9, 2019

So many times I see people post up videos where there's a tonne of motion in them and as soon as an Orb of dust flies past they speculate it to be spirit.

Firstly here are some facts:

• Our hair attracts dust as it can become static through brushing or combing.

• Dust is everywhere no matter how clean you are.

• Clothing has dust

• Floors have dust, and yes even walls and ceilings do. • Human skin as it sheds is dust like, many with pets mistake dust for Orbs. • And locations have dust, on rocks, on grass, on birds feathers and animals coats etc.

So how to identify what's dust?

• Motion like walking, jumping or dancing will often shake dust off our clothing, hair or stirs up dust off the ground.

• Talking can often cause dust to stir off walls or ceilings as it's the vibration from our voice doing so.

• If you're only catching these with a flash or light emitting from a camera device these Orbs are dust.

• Dust Orbs often have rings or blotches in them, (think of the rings like those seen in a cut log of a tree showing how old the tree is.)

• Vibration causes dust and even a slight wind can loosen dust.

How to identify Spirit Orbs?

• No real light source is required as they are self illuminated drawing in energy about them.

• Spirit Orbs pick up on the atmosphere and persons energy (aura) as this is what enables them to appear, so the colour of the Orb doesn't necessarily mean anything. Red does not mean anger, blue does not mean angelic etc it's purely the available energy Spirit has to work with. My Grandmother once generated an Orb that was black this was not in anyway suggesting she was a negative spirit it was all she had to work with and let's face it, black is often a combination of every colour. After all, Spirits aren't like mood rings.

I often find myself rolling my eyes when I read or hear 'oh there was a demon in the room with me, a red Orb or red flicker of light manifested as two red eyes' what tha?! So the spirit that appears briefly using any available energy source is automatically a demon if they're red right? RUBBISH! Below is a real Orb producing its own illumination, also note the popping or snap sound.

• Spirit can only create Orbs from 'their' motion, ie: A blinking Orb is often spirit walking, a popping Orb is often a walk then jump motion of Spirit.

• Spirit Orb only lasts a few seconds fading or leaving a indent trail in the recording (a tail of energy with a stronger often bluish outline that trails off the Orb like a finger paint effect).

But so can dust, so be careful, as long as the Orb isn’t illuminated because of a torch or camera or mobile flash or artificial light source, then and only then, is it a Spirit Orb.

• Spirit Orbs are more defined and can interact with intelligence, ie: has a motion that shows a definite intent. Like sudden change of direction upon seeing someone, dust will often attract the that persons clothing or enter the hair as the hair is static source. If the Orb goes into the hair then comes out the chest region or the arm or back, this is often Spirit as dust is often stuck with static hair or clothing until shaken loose.

•The Spirit Orb can and will touch things to trigger objects for spirit communication. Like a static illuminator device..or a knocking or popping sound. (Dust cannot do this)

• These Orbs are known to grow in size or shrink in size. In fact they morph into various shapes as they move, dust cannot do this.

• Spirit Orb produce sound or carry Spirit voice.

• Spirit Orbs are more visible after at the least time of an hour after all movement within that room has ceased and dust has had a chance to settle. Here is a documentation of various Orbs captured on film at the office approx 1-2hrs after leaving the office and the film spans over 2 days, so there can be no misconception of motion being the trigger because no person or creature was present.

I hope this clears up the confusion and text book theories of Orbs, although spirit is all about us... remember... so is dust.

~ Karen

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