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We are all linked more than you know..

Just as a tree has an intricate spider-like root system beneath the earth surface our bodies share a similar pattern within our nervous system. and just as the roots of the tree have the strength to branch out beneath the hard earth so too our nerves can forge their way over muscle and weaving beneath a tough exterior of skin.

Have you ever truly look at the nerves that spread across a leaf?

Have you ever wondered why a leaf would have what looks like nerves or these intricate patterns?

As you run your fingers over it you connect on a level much greater and deeper than you realise. We are all linked to a governing Spiritual identity and it can be found in every living thing, plant, animal & mineral.

Just as we experience sensations, feelings and mood so do other living things, when I hear people say animals are dumb and have no feelings of pain ask yourself why a dog would yelp if someone accidentally stepped on their paw? Why animals shake violently sometimes to the point of collapsing or passing out when witnessing another animal being slaughtered, they know, they have feelings, emotions and the only thing that separates them from us is language and appearance yet they have nerves, they have a brain that can recall things like the animals that sense a kind person or fear someone they know will harm them. But going back to plants, they too are no stranger to emotion and pain. and it's been proven countless times.

When you look at H2O under a microscope you see living cells and other microorganisms somewhat alien in appearance, yet take blood or fluid from our body and view it under the same microscope and there's a familiar world almost mimicking that of the organisms within the water and again the leaf has clusters of tiny cells, just as we are made up of microscopic clusters of cells. Life is truly amazing! We've all heard the saying 'Hug a tree', so why not? When you do and you have within your mind the knowledge that all things are created equal everything takes on a whole new perception.You open yourself up to more awareness, more knowledge and a universal appreciation to seek out the truth, you suddenly find more compassion for nature, you connect with your soul on a universal level. The fact that without trees we would otherwise have no oxygen shows just how important we are spiritually linked.. Take a moment to reflect on this, and feel the shift within your being begin to look at the world around you in a more unique and wonderfully appeasing way! If only we stopped and thought about the fact that beneath our skin every person looks the same there would be a world without racism, a world without judgement, envy or pity..Think about it. :) Namaste' ~ Karen

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