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What does Spirit sound like?

A question I am often asked is "What does a Spirit sound like?"

Every one is different, some are loud some softly spoken and some mumble or are so vague, that you can decipher that you're hearing a voice and can tell the sex from the pitch but may not make out a single syllable.

Sometimes they send images telepathically to you, like on one occasion for me, you could be washing up and bang you're suddenly seeing a family you've never met before, having a picnic by a riverside and they're arguing over whose getting the car because the man doesn't feel like walking to the vehicle so asks the woman to, but the oldest boy wants to and the parents aren't keen on him being behind the wheel even if it's just to move the car a couple of streets away. I found myself getting frustrated at seeing the way they were carrying on and felt like saying something only to gather myself and realize I'm not really there but at my kitchen sink with wrinkly wet fingers holding the same cup in my hand and now my hands are in freezing cold water. I gaze at the time to find that momentary glimpse was not momentary but almost a whole hour lapsed and yet that only felt to be a couple of minutes at best!

I had a case during a reading when we had or house in Regents Park when this occurred, I put it down to pregnancy at the time, I initially wanted to rush to the bathroom feeling nauseous however found I lost time and my poor client was still sitting in the granny flat converted studio patiently waiting for me. I recall seeing a vision of a sickly man, laid up in a hospital bed, and I could see someone at his side.

In my vision I approached him I felt drawn to the person beside him, I then saw it was my client. I then recall saying 'OMG!' Because I realized she was waiting for me and I snapped out of it, returned and apologized for rushing off and told her of the weird vision I had about the sickly man in the bed and her at his side. It was in my opinion a silly pregnancy thing, that was until she said "thats actually why I'm here, my husband is dying and I just want to know if you can tell me how much longer he will be here?" I remember feeling awful, yet at the same time pity for her as I said "only God knows that." She then asked if maybe the cards would tell me, I expressed it wasn't something I felt comfortable asking but if that was what she wanted I asked her to write that she wanted me to request this information and signature it.

The last thing I wanted was a claim that I divulged something like this against her wishes. I don't believe that when it comes to sensitive things like this one should interfere but she insisted so I drew a card which showed 6 days as the timing.

It was 6 days later she called to say he had just passed away peacefully, I honestly didn't know how to take it. It was a awkward feeling, was I meant to be happy for him or for the fact I predicted right.


Beware ego especially if you get something right. But nevertheless I couldn't find any sense of happiness from that, I remember hanging up the phone and crying at how I recalled seeing that man in my minds eye. But almost instantly I heard a voice say "pray for him", so that's what I did. After following this disembodied voices advice, I felt a weight had lifted, maybe it was a guilty feeling that I enquired into something that was none of my business.

However there's no simple way to say to someone who has never heard Spirit before that would be able to put them into my shoes to understand what it's like. But hopefully my description has given if anything, an idea.

~ Karen🌹

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Unknown member
Mar 10, 2019

Thank you Shannon,

I had not been taught what l have and wouldn't know if the latter is possible. With my situation there was a time l sought others to understand why l saw things however they only gave me their interpretation so l decided to ask Sowella, who ever since has been my direct go to.

I don't think you can really learn to be a medium, l feel if you're not seeing or hearing them it's going to be a challenge, perhaps there are ways around it however for the greater part there will be so many relying on guess work or the clients to tell them.

When my clients book l don't get told their name or…


wow this blog amazed me!!! it really helped, how you described it, to kinda put myself in your shoes....i used to pray every night for god to make me a psychic/medium as its the only thing i could ever picture myself doing, as far as feeling like im needed in this world and can help people and have a were born with your gift right? cause i know theres some out there who werent and either got this way from dying and coming back, or accidentally hitting their brain in some "sweet spot" that opened up their third eye...and then there's the ones who just meditated a lot and put their intentions towards being intuitive, and thats how th…

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