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The attached Spirit or Possession.

You've all heard about how some people say they have an attachment, more often its a case of other contributed facts.

Let me first clarify a few things.

"What is an attachment?"

Well if you thought a neediness or desire to have or that can't do without then yes, just as the term 'attachment' describes, its an extra part or extension attached to something, or in spiritual attachment cases, attached to a person, object or location.

"What is a possession?"

A possession is a form of attachment only it seeks to damage or consume the individual to the point of seeking them to do self harm, self mutilation and cause death in order to take over that soul.

Pretty intense right?

So the big questions are:

"How can l tell if l have one with me and if so, what can l do about it?" or

"How can l avoid it happening to me or someone l love?"

The answer is quite simple, but first don't fill your head with taunts of "I'm cursed" or "I'm never going to be rid of this."

Many out there will tell you that if you pay them a small fortune they will rid you of this attachment even if you don't have anything there. It is sadly a case where these people will abuse the field for their own personal gain.

Now on that note, attachments can and do occur often however these are of our own or another's doing, such as getting involved with things you shouldn't like summoning the dead, if you aren't naturally having such visitations all your life, then don't invite them otherwise it could be a spirit will be drawn in only to seek out the most vulnerable person if not yourself. If you are in a cemetery or other hallowed or haunted location show the utmost respect, don't speak abusively, do not pick up things or take anything that was placed in respect of a deceased. Sometimes if you pick up something that is on a grave you do not know, you can become a victim of an attachment as some spirits may push something over in order for you to touch it, once you do they can see that as an invitation to follow you out of there or cling to you. And NEVER EVER invite a spirit to use your energy! They are already made up of energy as are we, however unlike us, they don't have organs that use their excess energy so technically they are stronger in energy compared to us as they have plenty of reserved.

Another is substance abuse, alcohol, medication etc. Including being told by someone you have a possession or demon without first proper investigation which YOU can do safely which l will share.

Overall if you have been diagnosed with any mental illness in these instances it is best to just ask for prayer, join a church group, or a referred prayer group you can trust who aren't going to be doing any rituals or dancing about smearing chicken blood over their bodies. Okay a little exaggerated on the last part, but you get the point.

As for possession, one thing is a fact, no spirit can live inside of you as your soul already consumes that space and technically you'd have to be dead for another soul to move in full time.

If anything they would be more likely to be attached spirits rather than full blown possessions. Think of tiny lower entity beings clinging on to your being and climbing all over you and there's your possession, in order to control emotions, thoughts and moods etc.

Here are some distinguishable signs you may have an attachment or possession:

Sudden personality change - (can be either) Assuming there are no underlying causes such as diagnosed schizophrenia, bipolar, hard medication, drugs or alcohol.

Becomes sadistic towards animals or people without provocation where previously you were the opposite.

Hearing disembodied voices telling you to do things you are otherwise against.

Feeling as though you have something taking over everything from breathing to motor skills.

Uncontrolled emotions, first you need to rule out there are no personal issues going on in your life otherwise you are only experiencing those in your own way. If there are no underlying causes these rapid emotions could create sever depression, a fear of being alone, or a desire to shut the world out.

Suddenly becoming paranoid, thinking something is going to happen to you.

Again this cannot be assumed to be an attachment or possession if medication or the like is involved.

A sudden dislike or shock when seeing your reflection where nothing has really changed. (Doesn't include being disappointed you haven't lost a bit of weight or your hair or makeup won't go right.) A possession or attachment can often cause the individuals to see someone else's reflection looking back instead of their own.

In cases of Demonic attachment or possession, many can develop great appearance transformation.

-skin lesions, cuts that appear from nowhere.

-burning sensations

-teeth bites, scratches

-broken bones

-severe palpitations (panic attacks)

-fear of sleep

-speaking in tongues

-a desire to offend God

-rapid aging

-shooting pains

-smells of electricity burning or a heightened sensitivity to odors.

On the extremity

-a feeling of your chest being cut open.

-a desire to kill, maim or injure yourself or others.

-a sudden interest in tasting or drinking blood.

I must point out that your head won't spin around nor will you throw up pea soup unless you ate that and it didn't sit well. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤮

As previously mentioned:

So long as there is no history of mental illness or substance abuse the above is a guideline. However one must also take into account if there has been an accident where one has hit their head this can also be plausible as to why some of the above can take place as the brain controls a lot of our cognitive, problem solving and fundamental bodily functions.

Use your better judgment:

It should also be noted that if someone is trying to convince you that you have a possession or attachment, sometimes lower entities can deceive you through another.

Are they persistent? Trying to get you involved in things that go against your traditional beliefs? Obsessed with turning you against God? Or trying to convince you to turn against loved ones?

Remember YOU are in control:

Overall we are always in control, one thing a spirit can't do is effect free will, even God can't do that therefore given God made the Devil nor can he!

If you give in to subconscious negative thoughts then you are condoning the situation you could otherwise avoid.

Recommended if you have a possession or attachment:

Speak to God he is omnipresent and will always listen. The power of faith and love is always stronger than anything.

Call out to God, the Angels and Spirit Guides to remove this from your life and be willing to remove yourself from whatever or whoever first introduced you to this, be it an addiction to spirit boxes, Ouija boards etc.

Speak to a Priest and ask they pray over you for absolution, if you don't feel speaking to God, Angels or Guifes directly is enough.

To add to this, be aware that over-indulgence in readings can be no good for you.

YES l said it.. having too many readings on top of one another can greatly impact your natural spirit path and not to mention your overall mental health. I find so many jump from one reader to the next then wonder why their lives are so messed up, its because every reading continues where the last one left off and depending on where that left off you may find eventually you will hear what you want to hear, but it may take years before the reading makes sense or the desired outcome even manifests.

Not to mention, if you don't hear what you want to hear there may be a very good reason and that could be that what you seek may not be a part of the design in your path plan right now as other things may have to take priority.

As a guideline a healthy reading has good gaps between them being from 3-6 months or longer. This also includes any done for yourself by yourself. But never let anyone force you into having a reading if you don't want one or are afraid to know what is on your path. Sometimes it's best to just trust your gut instincts because readings aren't for everyone.

I never read for myself, l put a lot of faith in God, my Angels and Guides to help me do what is right for my higher good.

The reason for adding readings is if you are over-indulging you begin to weaken your natural good judgement and can become vulnerable to all sorts of things including suggestion and spirits that relish in a persons insecurities which can be revealed especially if you can't stop seeking spiritual guidance or addicted to spirit contact.

For example:

A woman or man craving the affection of another could be told in a reading that this may or may not happen with this person. In these instances the reading is only able to see the predesigned path you have already created for yourself which may had been influenced by another many years prior or a time you sent the message to the universe that you need or don't need anyone.

Suddenly, in the case of stating "I don't need anyone", someone steps into the picture by chance and you are caught up in fighting against your previous affirmation of not needing anyone. Do you see how much control you have now? The fact no one can ever be forced to love another is true as it falls under, you guessed it "Free Will". If that person isn't truly interested they won't ever be truly interested. And if you're thinking of doing a spell to force them, remember what goes around comes around. And sometimes if we are determined to have something or someone that isn't planned for us we can do more damage than good on our path paying dearly.

Overall, if you begin to heal a past negative affirmation you can effect the influence upon your path changing energies that might otherwise not be available to you right now allowing the right situation to unfold right before your eyes drawing to you the one designed for your highest good.

The reality is you must undo the ways and attitudes of the past in order for right circumstances to unfold now.

As the saying goes "if you think lack and limitation, you get lack and limitation."

Bottom line:

You are always in control of your own personal experiences though you may not know it, no one can curse you unless you believe in curses, no one can hurt you unless you give them permission to enter your heart. No spirit can truly attach itself to a healthy mind, body and soul unless there have been invitations by this playing with things you have no understanding of or hanging around people who are negative or encourage you to get involved in things you otherwise wouldn't.

Watching negative movies, sinister movies that exhilarate fear. Its like laying out the doormat for all sorts of things. This is why television should be kept to a minimal as it can act like a portal to direct emotional vulnerability as we are often hypnotized by what's going on be it negative news, subliminal messages to eat the wrong things or simply digesting violence and crime through theatrics and special effects or those over dramatizing ghost shows for ratings and entertainment.

I hope this blog has helped.

Feel free to leave a comment or share.



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