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I'll never stop believing in miracles!

"I'll never stop believing in miracles!"

Miracles happen the moment that the universe and the right energy of the individual come together on the right vibration. The balance is essential, what you want or seek must reflect in the way you live in order to unlock it into manifestation.

Are you truly behaving or living the reflection of what you seek?


You want a relationship, yet you have not allowed any room for one?

Have you cluttered your time or home with things you have become addicted to leaving no room for anything else?

Let me put it like this, you're ready for a relationship yet if that person were to manifest at your doorstep ready to move into your home with their belongings would you have to make room or would you already have room?

If you have to inconvenience yourself to make room, the message is 'you're not really ready to commit'.

If you have the room ready then you're truly ready! Especially if you're already putting out that vibration to the universe you want a relationship.

If you have the room and are putting out that desire and nothing is happening, it means you need a time of honesty, could it be you're doing everything right except having the right attitude? Are you appearing desperate? Are you content being alone sending the message you prefer your own company to that of others? Are you complaining a lot?

Most of us clutter our lives, be it becoming married to our job or making excuses not to go anywhere because our job has tired us. Relationship means sacrifice, if you're not ready to sacrifice more free time, or take up that invitation to go out then don't complain about being lonely.

You've heard the story of the religious man who sat on the roof of his home as flood waters rose up around him, his neighbor rowed by in his canoe and asked the man to get in and the holy man said 'no l am okay, l prayed for God to save me', then a police rescue boat came by asking him to get in, the man said 'no thanks l prayed to God and he will save me.' A few hours later a rescue helicopter drops a ladder down to the man and the pilot said climb up you're house is about to go under!' 'No thanks the man said, l have prayed and l know God will save me!'

Eventually the floods rise and the man drowns, in heaven the man asked God why he abandoned him and why didn't he save him?' God replied: 'l sent a canoe, a rescue boat and a rescue helicopter and you turned them away.'

If you turn away from your opportunities you won't receive your blessings. Believe in miracles because the ones you want are already being answered, though you may not realize it.

Just remember to be careful of the things you are wishing for.


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