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Reincarnation - This may surprise you.

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

This is what spirit has told me about reincarnation.

There is none.. 😳

This completely shocked me because for years before being told this, l was convinced that we did..

Before you bite my head off, because there will be people who will, oh l can just hear those guns being loaded ready to let their bullets fly.

Perhaps ignorant just like l was who won't have it that it doesn't exist..

But let me share what was explained to me which is what made me see things from a whole new perspective..

Here is how it was explained to me..

I'm not trying to stop any beliefs you have but sharing what l have come across in old notes l discovered whilst going a Spring cleaning of my discussion with my Guide Sowella.


Tell me about Reincarnation or past life experience.


This does not occur.

A spirit is not actually born again into a new body but there are cases where souls cross paths with the new soul.


What do you mean by 'cross path with a new soul?


Your soul is made up of energy as is your body, The baby whose soul has crossed with another soul may connect with a part of that souls memory, behavior or characteristic.

This happens more than you may realize, the soul/s that cross their energies with the new soul are often relatives or ones with unfinished business.

With loved ones this is often because they are around the mother or other family members, watching over her helping with the preparation of the new souls entry.


Okay can you explain a bit more about the energies?


Think of how billions of particles can mingle, these particles are alive moving about as if in space under a huge microscope🔬 this is what everything is made up of, trees, animals and human life and spirit. Because life is energy, even in death there still is life and this is how every person advances with each generation.'

All the great minds of your world transitions to a copy of themselves to complete spirit but their soul still needs to finish their work so they may have a part of their energy (particles) cross with a new souls particles, think 'child prodigy's those born with unimaginable talents that leave even their parents often scratching their heads. That genius may very well be a part of a soul whose energies crossed with the childs soul as it journeyed to the fetus vessel (body).

Now do you see why even in the bible the body is referred to as a vessel for the Holy Spirit?

Lets see...

So l look up the Bible however Spirit says

look in Corinthians.

I then see this passage..

1 Corinthians 15:44

44 it is sown a natural body, it is raised a spiritual body. If there is a natural body, there is also a spiritual body.


We are a spiritual body a copy of our natural body so therefore to be a copy we must be created of spiritual energy!

So think of how less solid a spirit may appear in comparison to a physical body and you can only refer to it as spiritual energy.

Continued discussion with spirit..


So, how do you explain recall and scars that were in places of the deceases memory of death, names of family etc?


Depending on how much energy has attached or crossed the souls path, it determines how long that memory remains, however often as the new soul grows, the original soul of that human takes over eventually this causes any memory of other souls who were crossed during the journey to the womb will have any experience or memories to be outgrown.

This is often why children may speak of their other parents or places or have phobia or certain birthmarks all linked from the soul/s their soul crossed with on their way into their body within their mothers womb, but as their soul grows they soon forget.


So has any soul completely reincarnated?


No, because had that soul completely lived before, they would never forget and be able to recall right up into their aged years and upon their death bed, without the need for any hypnosis to assist in recall because everything would be the soul who died and not be in anyway the new soul connection.


Thank you spirit🙏


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