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You Are Who You Are

Your daily blessing

You are who you are, not who they want you to be.”

Only you have the control to change yourself, but make sure you do it because you want to for you first.

Too often, in relationships we change to suit the needs of the other person, eventually losing our own identity of who we truly are. This is the worst thing anyone can do is to forget the person they were because the majority of time, the person you were, may still had struggles to learn from. In addition if you feel the need to change yourself because it satisfies the other person, then perhaps that other person never accepted who you were before. If you cannot accept the person you were, then that is different, because then you’re doing it first for you! But if someone tries to change you when they meet you they are doing it to mould you into the person they expect you to be for them.

Sometimes they do it in suggestive ways, without directly saying it ie: ‘if you lost a little weight that would look good on you’ or ‘you should get your hair done like this or that’ or ‘why don’t you go to a skin specialist’ etcetera. These suggestions seem innocent enough, but these aren’t things a person who accepts the you as you are would say.

To have those experiences of learning self acceptance cut short at the expectation of others, leaves them to sit around like bad karma only to later be picked up on once that person finds themselves alone, having to carry the weight of their past unfinished lessons, as well as those now of the present. This can often cause more problems because suddenly that persons weight can balloon out of control, their skin can get worse and their self esteem can take a nose dive.

If you change by choice, then bullying or belittling others because you made a conscious choice to change, doesn’t mean they are any less a person than you are, otherwise if you view them to be, you’ve created a new karma to deal with on your path, ego!

Putting someone else down can cause their self abuse to manifest stronger, so unless that person is willing, they should not be pushed unless they are doing it for themselves and not to satisfy your ego. It’s so much easier to say once your hurdles are crossed ‘if l can do it, you can do it!’

Remember who you were before your situation changed, because your outward appearance doesn’t always reflect the inner person and sometimes those negative influences are merely redirected in a other ways, often turning from self abuse to abuse towards others who your ego sees as a reflection of who you were.

You can’t rid the world of you by attacking others that reflect a past that may be similar to where you came from. And you shouldn’t make a person feel any less important because of it.

And should someone make you feel any less a person because of who you are, then maybe you shouldn’t accept who they are.

So remember, you are who YOU are not who THEY want you to be!


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