A little About the Readings first



Flat Rate Readings strictly by appointment only:


  • - Fully recorded  session automatic for all readings you will be emailed the link where you can download the recording to your computer.


  • - Phone readings where we call your landline or mobile (Aust-wide) 
      There are no F2F bookings sorry due to the high demand of readings.


  • EVP scanned 1hr readings your 1hr reading is checked for any EVPs (spirit voices)

This process is quite lengthy as the software used identifies anomalies and then bookmarks each one,  then each individual section is listened to and amplified to see whether spirit voice is audible. The uniqueness of this reading is that we go that extra step to copy each segment of EVP into its own individual file so you not only get the full session but the EVPs caught during that session as well and a download link of the entire folder with all EVPs and the reading are provided in an email. 

It's not uncommon when playing these around the pets of the deceased, they often cry as they recognise 
the voice belonging to their master, this was discovered by a woman who stated that when she played the recording, their dog and cat were in the room, almost instantly the dog ran to the speaker barking, then ran to the front door. What is certain is that there is no possible way anyone can recreate your loved ones voice having never heard it, so the conclusion is, this must be your loved one. Bare in mind Spirit is never forced to communicate, however there has seldom been an occassion where EVPs weren't captured.

          In one single session the minimum were 4 EVPs, the most recorded were 499.


Reading types are only voice calls either by phone or internet, there are no typed readings or video calls (as the reception often freezes when video chat is used) however it isn't necessary for Karen to see the person she is reading. With booked sessions Karen calls you, the number is provided to her 5 mins before the reading is to commence. (The reason why she calls the client is she still may be in consult with another client and finishing up the session.)

  • No first names are given All that is ever provided is the date of the booking, time of the booking and booking type, other than that Karen does not request to know anything else prior to your reading.


  • - Spirit Box Sessions recorded, these are unique and a way that in which spirit can use a device to speak via in a more audible level so the client has a chance to interact often with outstanding intelligent communication.


  • - Facebook Voice Calling these are worldwide, whether you live in Australia or Overseas now you can  have your reading  fully recorded via Voice Calling, all you need is to link your number with FB. In these instances I am given the link to  the message window of the person to be read where I will send a message to that person to accept  the call. **Sorry video chat calls are not possible due to too many service dropouts and freezing screens.


  • Absent reading (only done on Thurs using only your DOB & StarSign your entire reading is done in your absence) You can elect to ask up to 4 Questions which are secured inside an envelope with  only your Starsign and DOB on the front.   Once  the reading has been completed the envelope is opened to reveal your questions which in turn will be responded to.


  • Quick 30 min reading - Phone/FB Voice Calling *does not include Absent.


With all readings you are never asked why you are wanting a reading, any questions you have are asked to leave to the very end, however during the reading if you are asked to confirm that information being received is correct you are simply asked to say 'yes or no' there is no need to elaborate.

Often prior to a booked reading, a preread is performed (where time is available) where I tune into the person booked for XYZ time and date. This is the moment where spirit are welcomed to provide messages or anything else whty wish the client to know, they are further welcomed to assist with the right information to pass on during the actual reading. The preread is a form of scrying, spirit communication and intuition.
I do not count the preread as the actual reading, but simply an introduction to that client of what i am capable of picking up  on a person before speaking with them. I wont' ask for your name until the end of the reading, this is just how I work. In my opinion, the less I am told the more I am open to receive and furthermore, I cannot be said to 'only know that because I told you so'.


Once more I ask that if you have had a previous reading either by me or someone else within less than 3mths you wait until it has been at least 3-6 mths before booking your reading with me. 
Please also refrain from ordering if you are under 18yrs as your path is still forming and to read for a person under 18yrs can create bad Karma not only for the client but reader also. ~ Karen


I draw the line at typed or fill in the blank template readings via post or email,

I feel these are honestly impossible to do.. why?
Because for me, information often comes through so fast that to simply do this

would mean missing vital detail, not to mention a bad case of RSI.
This is why I prefer to record the session.

















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Remember never book readings too close keep 3-6 mths between readings for best results