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Death - The subject

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

Now that I have your attention

Lets ask 'What is death?'

Here is how Spirit have explained it to me:

Death is an action and a descriptive term used to describe being absent. Spirit tells me, this is not true.

Death is just a transition out of physical form into that of Spirit form or essence.

Death also relates to being absent however explaining the only absence is that of the physical self only, spiritual form is always close by, in fact as my own loved ones say "Im a whisper away".

The soul/spirit upon leaving the body feels no actual pain, the physical body may bit the spirit itself doesn't, it simply slides out without effort so this often surprises the spirit itself because of how quickly this can be.

Sometimes it can transition out slowly, like a balloon emerging through the crown of the physical form taking it's time, either because of awaiting a loved ones visit or simply taking its time through awareness perhaps you could say, a way of saying farewell to the body they grew accustomed to.

Grief is a natural process because that person being grieved over is no longer utilising that physical casing anymore, no longer required to operate it like some factory or machine. The body (physical form) has an expiry date if the spirit is unable to keep everything going, but the soul/spirit has no expiry.

Many times the Spirit form has described an incredible feeling of indescribable happiness, so I asked is it like the feeling of euphoria?

And they smile and say better! 😊

Now for a moment think of how that is.

Better than a euphoric moment, better than seeing someone you loved and missed for years, how is that even possible?

Spirit says 'a physical form is contained and as a result so are your emotions, but as Spirit there are no more limits to how much love you feel, spirit has no restrictions therefore, no more limit to happiness. Everything is pure and beautiful!

So whenever you think of a loved one on the other side know that whatever love they had shared with you when they were here is amplified without limits. I asked 'what if the person left being angry? Will that be also amplified?' I was told 'no these forms of anger remain with the physical form and if cremated, turn to ash with the physical form.

Spirit never has to hold on to grudges because we enjoy more of the feelings of love which are our rewards and this is why we visit our loved ones, their consuming emotions of sadness are connecting with our love for them.

Thank you Spirit for sharing such peace with me, I will share this with others.

Spirit - this is our wish.


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poonam chetty
poonam chetty
Jun 25, 2019

Thank you. My dad is in better place I hope. Worry and stress free. Mum and us kids miss him very much though. Love you daddy forever. Xoxo


Life solely in spirit form sounds better than life trapped inside a limiting physical body. Makes me wonder why we choose to inhabit a body many times over!

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