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Contact Form is only for bookings or enquiries. Sorry, we do not offer freebies. 

To find out when the first availability is please message staff as no appointments are made visible on the website as these do not sync with social media and can vary.

Only Phone or voice chat.

Please note due to the high demand of Karen's readings (Karen calls your nominated number or Skype or FB Voice Chat only)

Sorry, Karen does not do face to face Readings.

Karen's  Hours

Mon/Wed/Fri: 5:30 PM - 11:30 PM
Tues/Thurs:   5:30 PM - 12:00 AM

Saturdays:    12:30 PM - 11:00 PM
Sundays: *Closed

Based on Sydney AEDT

  • Day of interest

  • Approx time

  • Service type (see Rates)



Once you have contacted us to schedule an available time, to check time differences please  click here 


Follow these easy Steps:

Select from first window:

Australian Eastern Standard Time AEST

then in the second window select your location.

Then hit 'Get converter'

Or you can use this site Click Here


Sydney Australia and the time offered


Add your location to see what time and day it would be.

Remember all our bookings are scheduled for Sydney Australia AEST only so you will need to check the time it would be for your location.

  • Australian residents Karen calls your mobile or  landline.

  • Overseas clients are not phoned but read via Voice Calls to Messenger or Skype (only)

  • All readings are recorded with download links sent the same day (links expire within 2 days)

Karen contacts you ...
Please state in the Message box provided:

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The High Priestess Studio logo has been blessed by a Tibetan Monk for success and strength in spirit. The logo holds the High Priestess of Tarot in a 3 dimensional setting with hyroglyphs that embellish the logo throughout enforcing it's energy.

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  • Location is just so we know whether you will need a phone/Skype or Messenger booking. As Karen only calls Australian Landlines/Mobiles.
    Please state in your message if you are using a Gift Certificate so this doesn't hold up tour booking.

Loyalty Card

These will be phased out to use the Priestess Points instead.

If you already are using the Loyalty Card you can still do so until it is completed. Each time you place a 30 min or 1 hour reading with us remember to send it to us so we can digitally stamp it.

Once you have 5 stamps the 6th is on us offering you a FREE reading based on the majority of purchases. 

We do not backdate on the card it it your responsibility to present it every time there is an purchase made.

IE: if you mostly ordered 30 min readings the 6th reading will be a 30 min reading on us!

Please note: If you choose to use the Loyalty Card you cannot acquire the Priestess Points on your order also. With each order points are given with the new system, once you reach a total of 200 Priestess Points you can select any reading on the website absolutely free!

However, If you choose to use the Loyalty Card (which must be presented at the time of booking a reading only), then you only receive on the 6th booking the service which shows on the card as the majority purchased and cannot select any other service.

The High Priestess Studio Loyalty Card  buy 5 readings get the 6th on us!

Clients found abusing this will be banned.
Only 1 email sign up per person.

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