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Psychic Medium Karen
My Mother & Me
My childhood as a Medium
Young Psychic Medium Karen
Psychic Medium Karen
Psychic Medium Karen

When I was born my mother was a single mother, not by choice of course however in those days it was taboo for any woman to be unwed with a child. Before I was born, my mother decided to adopt me out. After I was born they swiftly took me out of the delivery room, not telling her my sex, and when she woke she had before her the paperwork that needed to be signed.

My mother recalled a dream she had, where she was sitting with all the family and they were doting over the tiny bundle in her arms. She said they all said what a beautiful baby girl she had. When she awoke from the dream before she would sign the papers, she asked the nurse to see her daughter. The nurse left the room and re-entered with the matron who demanded to know which of the staff told her what sex I was.


My mother said she could hear a baby crying, she said she felt it was her baby, she asked the nurse again to bring me to her because I was crying. They said there are no babies in this wing of the hospital. My mother said she became restless and when my grandmother arrived, she spoke to her about the fact she knew she had a baby girl and needs to see her. My grandmother convinced hospital staff to allow the visit. And I was indeed a girl. My grandmother said 'she looks like an Angel, lets call her Angela'. It was then the decision to keep me was made. 

A few weeks later there was a invitation for my mother to visit with the family, she recalled how she said she knew what each person was going to say before they spoke, what they were wearing and where they would be seated. And they doted over the tiny bundle in her arms (me) just as she had dreamed.

My mother never believed herself to have any gift of vision, but her healing abilities with animals were absolutely incredible. Once whilst driving a dove flew into the windscreen, and being the animal lover my mother was, she stopped the car, got out and gently cradled the dove in her hands and took it home with her. She nursed that bird back to full recovery and let it fly away a few days later. Even with one of the dogs we had, he was very ill, she took water and blessed him with it. He too, healed to full health. She had so much empathy towards all creatures, I guess that's where I get my love for animals.

From the time I could walk and talk I've seen spirits and communicated with them just as I do the living.
Often they may tell me things that only the person having a reading with me would know, I do share these regardless of how trivial they may seem at the time, and as another method of sharing them I ask the spirits to speak into the microphone set up specifically for them, if they wish to do so.


Although my birth name was Angela, I never felt connected to it, and decided to change it later in life to Karen.

Here is one instance where the Spirit present wanted to speak through me.



(Please note: If you order the EVP scan, not only do you get the whole reading but any individual EVPs/Spirit voices that were captured during that session however they can take up to 6+ weeks to deliver as we do get a lot of orders for the EVP scan).

I guess when your child is often speaking about people that other's don't hear or see,  perhaps, there's  something is more to it than just a vivid imagination. So too, I began to realize there was something unique about my new friends that often would visit me in groups of 4 or more, and the fact no one else acknowledged them was almost magical to me as a child, in a way, I grew used to family members saying I had imaginary friends, well given they didn't see them or hear them I completely understand that this may had been odd so what better way to excuse this behavior. 

After some time as it still remained and I grew older now reaching then, age 8, my Mother began thinking perhaps it's a psychological thing, well I remember having these wires glued to the top of my scalp and a flashing light going on at the hospital. There were other neurological tests but nothing was found abnormal.

Psychic Medium Karen

Meanwhile, I happened upon an old photo that shows
one of my childhood friends in it, standing beside my grandfather.

They sound different

During my early years it was quite difficult to distinguish spirit from those around me in this realm, they were so vividly clear, I think the reason was that I didn't try to challenge the idea that there was another explanation, as a child you just go with it, the only thing I did notice was their voice appeared more raspy or high, I later learnt that they have no voice box as we do. 

My Guide Sowella
It was at age 11 I first met Sowella, it was a meeting that began in intervals, I'd see her but she never spoke just smiled. Then one day I waved and she waved back, I motioned for her to come and talk to me, she did sitting on the end of my bed, she introduced herself as my 'Watcher' there to watch over me and protect me from any harm, and to this day, she still is at my side often assisting me in my readings.

My sketch of Guide Sowella

spirit manifesting in the home caught on camera
Aboriginal male spirit visitation
Spirit Face of Female.JPG
Apparition at pioneer cemetery_8510.JPG

The new home

We (my mother and I)  moved into a new home in Merrylands and my Mother had to work night shift so I was often alone. In those days it wasn't so bad as I had friends to call up and we'd sit chatting on the phone for hours. I remember one occassion I met the house spirit would open the hallway door, it was scary to me at first because unlike other spirits I met this one never showed themselves they'd just move things and touch me like gentle pokes on the back or on my face. It was later our neighbour Lil told my mother that a woman had died in our house.

Deformed or Partial Formation

I had a very traumatic experience once where I saw a spirit that appeared deformed, this was the first time I actually saw the spirit manifest in front of me, all the other occassions they were just there. This was age 13. Since then I've encountered hundreds and they are alway unique, like seeing  male walk into the room only to change or morph before my eyes into a young boy then upon leaving he transitioned again into a fully grown man. Others partially form. 

No real answer
One day my mother said to me 'Im sorry, it's all my fault', I asked 'what is?' she said 'when I was pregnant with you I played with an Ouija board', she really thought that was why I was the way I was. Maybe it was maybe it wasn't. I'll never really know. 

Spirit showed me how to draw
I later left school and began working at Hanna Barbera who were then based in St Leonards and I believe it was a part of my gift through spirit that taught me to draw, I remember as a child how I sat with me in the kitchen at my grandmothers showing me how to draw the flowers in the vase on the kitchen table. My mother unbeknownst to me had collected a lot of my work and sent them in to Hanna Barbera and they later contacted my mother and said I had a job waiting for me in the Inbetweeners' department, it was awesome!
Later when they were going to South Korea I was asked to go with them and yet being close to the home and a little insecure travelling without my mother I politely said no, I often think of where that would had led me given many are now working at Dreamworks. sigh.. The most amazing thing I feel is my daughter has an interest in South Korea and wants to teach there, it's almost like no matter what the path was destined to be. 

How they look
What I find now with Spirit is many will appear partial or full apparitions, the newer souls are more luminous with a fantastic electrically charged light surrounding them like a strong vibrant aura that is almost gold white in colour, mind you though when they get close you hope you don't have fillings because Youch! Your teeth with the fillings in them especially the metallic ones hurt like crazy!

Voice hijacking
I often find during recordings spirit speak in unison or over me turning whatever words I'm saying into theirs, or maybe I'm saying their words.

How I came to read
What led me to do readings was by chance, I've never studied and don't pretend to know whats inside any of those books because I've ever had the need to look, I feel what the cards say and I am fortunate in that spirit often just tells me, and thanks to them,  just happens to be correct. On other occassion, I guess it's luck, but then again I trust my instinct so maybe that's got a lot to do with it.

How it all happened was through a girl that I shared a unit with, she had Cartouche cards. the irony was she was strange to me LOL how funny, I guess to many I'm considered strange. Anyway one day when she was leaving to go back to her home in Tasmania she left a single Cartouche card on my dresser. Feeling a little weird about it I took a lighter and began to burn its' edge then threw it in the bin. The following day I went to get the mail from the letter box and felt something hit my ankle, it was that Cartouche card! I once more threw it into the bin then went inside, the next day I was leaving for work and as I walked up to the letter box I saw something sticking out a little of my letter box, I thought it was a letter I must had missed so opening the box I see the same card. I held the card and began looking about me thinking maybe it's some neighbour playing a prank. I then went off to work and had the card in my bag determined to throw it into a bin, I passed many bins that day but somehow forgot all about it. I later went on a lunch break and found myself killing the hour by checking out the local stores and by chance stumbled upon a Metaphysics store, it was the smell of the incense that literally lured me in. 

Once inside, there was a lady nearby doing a reading, I couldn't help myself, my curiosity led me to watch her and yet the cards felt like they were speaking to me. I thought this is so weird, as I looked at the cards I could see events playing out before my eyes, I thought 'gee this incense sure has a kick to it but it was so vivid.

I noticed that the woman being read looked disappointed with whatever the woman was saying, I held my tongue but ended up sitting right beside her at a bus stop later after work. I really hesitated but I guess it got the better of me and divulged what I saw beginning my message with 'I'm sorry but I saw this and this and this'  the woman said 'are you a Psychic?' I said no.. she said 'you should, what you just told me is exactly what is going on in my life and I only hope your prediction is right' it was almost 3 weeks later I ran into her again and she gave me this huge hug saying 'girl, you get a deck of cards pronto! Your prediction was 100%!'  I pondered the idea and one day a work colleague and I went to lunch and guess where we ended up? You got it, the Metaphysics store where I bought my first deck of cards and I still use them today! 

I have numerous circumstances that have resulted in Spirit communication, like discovering things in my own life that have completely dumbfounded me, Spirit visitations are normal as far as I'm concerned and the readings are a way I can work through further communicating with them and my Guide Sowella.

Following that incident where I shared with the woman at the bus stop what I saw for her, I was advised by my Guide to never approach people in a public location and tell them about their loved ones on the other side. I queried why, and was told that many of these are people who may have taken this loss hard and to do this to that person in a public arena who hasn't sought me, is considered soul damaging and ego seeking as far as spirit is concerned. I guess I can see their point, you don't just walk up to someone and tell them when they have a soul of their mother standing beside them, or their deceased boyfriend down on one knee proposing to them, I mean seriously? why would a spirit be asking a person to marry them? Could you imagine if that person has suicidal tendancies how this could be the push they need to attempt to take their own life. 


So yes, I get it,  and unless they do come to me for the purpose of seeing who is around them I will refrain from doing this , I guess the other fact is understanding why many Mediums will refuse to take anything to the Police, I had an instance where a spirit of a woman came to me telling me she they are looking for her body in the wrong place, she told me the name of the person who killed her and where they will find her body covered up beside a bike track hidden under bushes near a hospital. I naturally contacted the Police and was told the Detective's would be in touch, I gave them my personal mobile and though i seldom give it out I was highly offended to discover a recording in the message bank from a male whose only word used was 'bulllllllsh*!' 
I knew this had to be from that call and that poor woman told me in another visitation "I'm sorry, I thought they would listen". So once again, now sadly, unless they come to me, I won't go to them. I do have some pride left.




 My first encounter with Sharon, I shared this only to be told

there was a lady who went missing only recently by this name,

some Spirits that visit have been over for some time,

so I was taken aback that this one was eager to communicate at such an early stage.

Contacting Sharon to tell her I tried to help pass on her message
to date they still, I believe, have not searched the location divulged

and to my knowledge this poor Soul's remains still have not been found..



UPDATE: It was found that Sharon's body remains missing, it was initially stated in the first visitation, before knowing anything about any missing woman, it was brought to my attention only after posting the video there was a missing woman recently with that name the police were looking for. Given how she told me "no they won't believe us' and she was right! After learning of the disappearance I called to speak to the police who said they would have one of the detectives on the case call me, given I don't usually give out my number but to family and was only too happy to help without any credit whatsoever, sadly the only word back was a voice message left on my mobile saying "B*S*" and I know it was someone from their sector who clearly sees mediumship as a hoax, which is so sad, however given that the few that have given it a bad name have destroyed any hope of a chance for a person to help I can understand now why others are so hesitant in offering help, its because you are treated like some sort of crazy person seeking attention.  I can only wish them well in their continued search.


This reminds me of how once I was asked by a desperate Aunt of a young man called Scott and his friend, who took a light aircraft out from Bankstown who was missing, if I could see anything, I agreed to help her and I also did this voluntarily, she put me in touch with some male from air traffic control, who I proceeded to divulge what I saw, once more wrong area was shown I saw a thick canopy of trees, I said I saw the word park and boy but the Aunt was saying they were flying to Forbes, but they weren't flying the right direction I kept saying go left search left, I saw two figures not one, iI described the colour blue, 'bright blue' it doesn't belong there. I said water is not far. Again I recall telling him I see trees overhead, water nearby I felt pain in my leg so associated it with that being a sign there was still life, afterall you wouldn't feel anything if they were deceased. Again I recall telling him about seeing the word park and boy. It was so surreal as prior to that  had never been asked to help find anyone. 

In return for trying to help this distressed aunt I received insults. from the man.
He accused me of seeing it on television, he said the aunt must had told me about the colour of the craft, he said the the flight path was followed so they will be found in that path. I was fobbed off. And with the aunt standing beside me she grabbed the phone and begged the man to listen to me, I heard her say 'I  told her nothing about the colour of the plane then he must had said something about seeing it on tv because I recall her saying 'I'm at her home and there is no television and I'm in the living room! For a good 15 yrs I had not owned a tv, today we do but it is seldom turned on except to watch a DVD, He finally added that is not the direction the plane was going. So I thought, 'oh well I can only tell you what I see.

Some weeks later that poor aunt called to say some hikers found  a light aircraft in the left region off to Bankstown airport, off course as I said however though they may had been alive as they were not found inside the craft, they were found deceased, she confirmed the vision of park I got was right it was Kanangra Boyd Park, and it appeared the aircraft did hit a canopy of trees and this may had broke the impact somewhat but the time without food supplies may had resulted in their deaths. 
I recall getting off the phone feeling so nauseous from that I vowed never to get involved again. 
I had a mixed feeling of anger and disbelief that this man, who was so arrogant took me as a joke and although I agree it must be like searching for a needle in a haystack, I can't help but wonder if I had a map if I may had been able to pinpoint the area, but  won't ever know.

Family visitations
One evening I was in my room and looked up to see a man smiling at me, I had an inkling I recognized his face but couldn't place from where, I said "I feel I know you", he replied "you should, I'm your uncle Bill".
I was only a little girl when he passed away, he was married to my grandmother's sister Rene. I asked what he was doing and he replied 'I'm just visiting everyone before I take someone home.' I said 'that's nice' and after he left I messaged my aunts to share the message.

One of my aunts replied "I hope that doesn't mean what I think it does" adding "his son Roddy has cancer".
A month to the day, I received the update from my aunt to say "You were right! Roddy passed away this morning, but it's comforting to know his Father was there to take him home." I felt dreadful being the bearer of such news, however for what it was worth it at least gave closure in that he wasn't alone in Spirit.

Another period of my life that is close to my heart is how I found my Father.

I had gone through a lot, and was at breaking point. As a person of faith it surely was being tested in more ways than one. This night I cried out to God "I don't know why I bother praying to you, you never listen! I am broken in spirit and you have abandoned me, I had hit rock bottom. I also added to my confrontation with God that he couldn't even help me find my Father!' I cried myself to sleep and woke with the worst migraine imaginable. All my life I wanted to know my biological father and every single search I made fell empty.

Well, little did I know that day my life was going to turn around in more ways than one.

I had just got my daughter off to school and sat down with my typical packet of cigarettes and coffee at my computer checking the emails for jokes I would often get sent from my mother or websites I had joined.
That old sound of dial up I'm glad is a thing of the past.

When I opened the browser I noticed a tab on the top of it that previously hadn't been there, because I was already at my lowest of lows I thought 'great, a virus, why not!' so I clicked on it without any care whatsoever, I was emotionally empty. But to my surprise there was nothing of the sort of a virus but a link that said 'People Finder' and in there two websites similar to White Pages here in Australia, the one I clicked was called and I then recalled my last words I said to God. 

On the screen it asked me to type the first name, middle initial (optional) and surname of the person I wanted to find. So I typed the name my aunty told me my father had, my mother never spoke of my father to me so asking her was like getting blood out of a stone. It then asked me to select a State, fortunately there was at the top of the dropdown link an option to click 'any State' it then asked for an Age (optional) so I put my mothers age down. I then hit the search icon and an animated arrow spun around. Seriously, the page looked like a 5 year old had put it together, so basic and plain.

I lit up another cigarette, I was a bad chain smoker and then the page loaded showing 3 people with his name and only one around the same age as my mother. What's more there wasn't only a match but an address and phone number! I called my service provider as I had never phoned outside Australia before and didn't know the first thing I had to do. I asked if they could help me connect to the number in Lincolnton NC USA. The operator explained that I only have local call access and that I would need to have them activate that which would take up to 48 hours to do. She said that when I have access I would need to dial 0011-1-704 then the number. She said that if I liked she would give me a call once that service is available on my line. I said 'yes please'. 

Once I'd hung up I felt a surge of emotion and then sat back in my chair and said 'Okay God, if this is you, you will make it possible for me to call this number and connect now!' I was shaking as I dialed, the phone rang and a man answered with a broad American accent. I had got straight through!

I asked him if he had ever been in the Navy? he said yes.
I asked if he'd ever come out to Sydney Australia? he said 'as a matter of fact I have!'
I then asked if he remembered a lady by the name of Dianna May? He went silent then exclaimed "Oh Lord I think I know what this call is all about!' 

It was then I broke into tears saying 'I think you are my Father'.

He told me how my mother wrote to his ship saying that she was with child and that she was going to adopt the baby out, but his ship mates said to him that it was all a ploy to get a dual citizenship and that she might not even be pregnant, so they threw that letter overboard. He said he always wondered if he was a father but since the letter was gone he had no way of knowing where to start in finding her and as a young man he also stated that he felt confused about what to do as he trusted his ship mates. 

I then told him he was not only a Father but a grandfather, then after a while he said 'are you sitting down, I have something to tell you' he then told me that he was now in a wheelchair from a shot to the head. He said he always wondered why God let him live and he added 'now I know, my little girl was looking for me.'

Backtrack a few years before,  a lady had moved in several years prior to the house next door, I took instant pity on her because she was wheelchair bound, paralyzed up one side and so I volunteered to help this stranger with helping around the house, getting her dinner, mowing her lawn, feeding her pets. I became friends with her and mind you, this is not something I ever did before. With all my previous neighbours, I kept to myself.


But when my father said he was in a wheelchair I suddenly realised that God hadn't abandoned me, he was working me into this union. So upon hearing this, although I was sad, I was not phased. And still accepted my father regardless. We both cried and I'm sure we both cried for a whole week straight. Sharing stories of our life, getting to know one another, sharing photo's via email etc.

Sadly though, my father passed away before I ever had the chance to fly over to see him.

However his spirit visited me 2 days later.

I think I will just let you listen to this video of how I found my father because it shares so much more.

My Father's visitation

It was 2008 when my dear Father passed, the day after he visited me in spirit filling my room with an incredibly beautiful light, telling me he wanted to give me a hug. The other day it was his 86th Birthday (forgive the typo in the video) and feeling I wasn't alone began communicating with him, what I use is purely a recorded with the noise filtered and amplified. My name at birth was Angela, it was 1993 I changed it legally to Karen. The EVP is pure EVP no Spirit Box or other devices. I am so blessed.


Good things

Not everything is bad though, like these 
One thing I have found is that asking Spirit to show me things, like in this case.

Visions of clients missing passport
Clients replies within minutes!

Don't test Spirit

Straight after this I was swamped with requests, but Spirit told me 'No more one is all' one that was asked was a woman pleading to know where her kittens were, as an animal lover I ignored spirit and asked anyway, the images were dreadful, then spirit said 'they know' which I took to mean they knew a person who may have them or someone else knew around them. It  looked as though they were met with foul play from the horrid visions.

I replied I'm sorry I don't see anything good. As it turned out the woman knew where they were all along, she was playing games testing me and testing spirit. I was more angry than insulted but embarrassed that I ignored the request of no more, so I won't force spirit anymore. Lesson learnt.

I've had a few occassion where a client tried testing them and spirit would say 'no testing' so I asked one woman who tried it on, 'are you testing spirit?' to which she replied yes she was.

On the other hand I love it when spirit not only surprise the client but me also, like this recent post where they showed me not one, but two babies during a reading.

Predicting twins in a reading.
Spirit visitation received confirmation from a loved one 6 months later!

The Skeptics

I've had many skeptics see me and they've walked away with precious messages, I won't say that everyone who has a reading will definitely have someone present, as I have had a few incidents where the spirit didn't want me to tell the person they were there in case because they weren't sure how they'd react or because they know that if I do they won't stop. Some spirits have been surprised that I see them and hear them as they have seen their loved one go to others who know nothing about them.

I'm not here to convince anyone who doesn't believe and won't be nasty toward anyone who has objections to what I do, but this is a part of who I am as an individual and if you choose to have me read for you expect things to be revealed, I don't sugar coat anything as I would expect someone to be honest with me, I am honest with them.


In my past I gave a lot of free work in this field away, doing voluntary columns in the Torch Newspaper, The Hills News and the Blacktown City Guardian where I was asked to predict who would be Prime Minister between John Howard and Paul Keating for 1997 and predicted Howard along with a few others. I was then asked about the royal family, since I have never followed them I saw in this Diana being attacked in Public, and yet I saw Charles moving to a small island. Yes I was off there however in hindsight it wasn't Charles but Lady Diana who moved 'permanently' to an island, Sadly an island within a landscape where her body rests.

Over 18 only and spacing those readings

When it comes to readings I do have a strict rule of thumb. "No more than 1 reading within 3-6 months"

Well not my rule but that of Spirit, who stated that readings too close to one another can affect a person's path, in other words, what could be a good Omen on your path ahead may turn sour, you go from reader to reader having reading one after another. Spirit advised that they will attempt to provide me the information that is to manifest within no more than 3-6 months following the persons reading, however if they have recently had a reading, timing may, as a result, be out.

This is essential I feel as it means the client is less likely to also have a continuation of where the previous left off.

Nor should a person under the age of 18 be read, my reasons are on principal that they are still moulding their paths and to read could seriously impact their personal and psychological growth.

~ Karen

I asked Ruth, a Spirit friend of mine if she would allow me to record her on video, explaining how it my help others here to accept

there is life after death or life after life as Spirit often correct me.

Here is that video I feel so fortunate to have been

allowed to record one night in the cemetery.

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