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When I was born my mother was a single mother, not by choice of course however in those days it was taboo for any woman to be unwed with a child. Before I was born, my mother decided to adopt me out. After I was born they swiftly took me out of the delivery room, not telling her my sex, and when she woke she had before her the paperwork that needed to be signed.

My mother recalled a dream she had, where she was sitting with all the family and they were doting over the tiny bundle in her arms. She said they all said what a beautiful baby girl she had. When she awoke from the dream before she would sign the papers, she asked the nurse to see her daughter. The nurse left the room and re-entered with the matron who demanded to know which of the staff told her what sex I was.


My mother said she could hear a baby crying, she said she felt it was her baby, she asked the nurse again to bring me to her because I was crying. They said there are no babies in this wing of the hospital. My mother said she became restless and when my grandmother arrived, she spoke to her about the fact she knew she had a baby girl and needs to see her. My grandmother convinced hospital staff to allow the visit. And I was indeed a girl. My grandmother said 'she looks like an Angel, lets call her Angela'. It was then the decision to keep me was made. 

A few weeks later there was a invitation for my mother to visit with the family, she recalled how she said she knew what each person was going to say before they spoke, what they were wearing and where they would be seated. And they doted over the tiny bundle in her arms (me) just as she had dreamed.

My mother never believed herself to have any gift of vision, but her healing abilities with animals were absolutely incredible. Once whilst driving a dove flew into the windscreen, and being the animal lover my mother was, she stopped the car, got out and gently cradled the dove in her hands and took it home with her. She nursed that bird back to full recovery and let it fly away a few days later. Even with one of the dogs we had, he was very ill, she took water and blessed him with it. He too, healed to full health. She had so much empathy towards all creatures, I guess that's where I get my love for animals.

From the time I could walk and talk I've seen spirits and communicated with them just as I do the living.
Often they may tell me things that only the person having a reading with me would know, I do share these regardless of how trivial they may seem at the time, and as another method of sharing them I ask the spirits to speak into the microphone set up specifically for them, if they wish to do so.


Although my birth name was Angela, I never felt connected to it, and decided to change it later in life to Karen.

Here is one instance where the Spirit present wanted to speak through me.



(Please note: If you order the EVP scan, not only do you get the whole reading but any individual EVPs/Spirit voices that were captured during that session however they can take up to 6+ weeks to deliver as we do get a lot of orders for the EVP scan).

I guess when your child is often speaking about people that other's don't hear or see,  perhaps, there's  something is more to it than just a vivid imagination. So too, I began to realize there was something unique about my new friends that often would visit me in groups of 4 or more, and the fact no one else acknowledged them was almost magical to me as a child, in a way, I grew used to family members saying I had imaginary friends, well given they didn't see them or hear them I completely understand that this may had been odd so what better way to excuse this behavior. 

After some time as it still remained and I grew older now reaching then, age 8, my Mother began thinking perhaps it's a psychological thing, well I remember having these wires glued to the top of my scalp and a flashing light going on at the hospital. There were other neurological tests but nothing was found abnormal.

Meanwhile, I happened upon an old photo that shows
one of my childhood friends in it, standing beside my grandfather.