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Here are just a small handful of communication videos from Psychic Medium Karen.


We would like to express our gratitude to the lady who shared this excerpt audio file

from her reading with Karen, and gave us permission to share this with others.

Thank you spirit for once again

proving life is more than our existence.

The High Priestess Studio


After 5 extensive months of discussion with my Guide Sowella
comes Experiment No.7 - Transformation.  Are you ready to manifest change?

Spirit Visitation Caught on video

Whilst I'm not into haunted dolls perse', I found this doll of my daughter's to be quite interesting given she hadn't used the doll in over 10 years. But one night not only did the doll suddenly begin to move, but appeared to upon request and towards the end somehow managed to turn on a movie I had stopped on my computer, because of the clicking sound I was hearing coming from my daughters room in an old toy box.

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