Spirit Sketches

On some occasions I sketch the Spirit visitations I have, and some have recognized them, whilst some still wait to be recognized.  I do this or pass messages on via the Facebook page, these are not intended for people to book with me to find out more, because I cannot guarantee anyone that just because they visit me they will appear during a reading. This is why I will never solely do a mediumship reading, for that reason that it is up to them not us. 

Some souls visit me because they know that I see and hear them and whatever they say or pass on at the time I share, I do not leave anything out. Some will just stand there, perhaps they assume I have to acknowledge them first, some are right up in my face as I try to sleep, some are what I refer to as the entertainers, they come waltzing in singing or making a big commotion. But they are all different personalities. 

If you check here from time to time you may see new sketches, I will share them here. 
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Stay blessed and remember your loved ones are able to hear you so speak to them.

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