GALLERY - Real Spirit Visitations please view respectfully - provided by Psychic Medium Karen.


Click on an image below to view it enlarged, these were taken during actual communication session.

Spirit in the cemetary.
Young male Spirit manifests
Spirit hand reaches out to me to ask me to go with them.
Two Spirit faces bein to manifest.
My dog Sooty manifests during ITC session using water.
Spirit walks by headstones
Alien features captured during a crystal ITC session.
Aboriginal male manifests in my bedroom.
Spirit of female manifests from Orb
Crystal reveals the window to the other side during ITC session.
Male Spirit wearing hoodie manifests from the waist up, the blue parts are the coldest.
Partial Spirit manifestation at a cemetery blue area is coldest.
Spirit caught manifesting behind me during a recorded session
My deceased dog rests his head on the dog bed of my new dog.
Crying female Spirit manifests in my bedroom.
Hooded Spirit manifests in cemetery appears to watch me from a distance.
Hooded Spirit manifesting in the most active room of my home.
My mother's portrait and the manifestation of her Spirit beside it, I awaoke to this one morning around 5am.
My deceased dog appears in my hallways outside my bedroom door.
Female Spirit captured entering fenced off gravesite in a cemetery.
From image above, male Aboriginal manifesting his head in my room.
Spirit moving around my door frame
Spirit moves in front of my iPhone
Spirit light being profile of his head, seated on my bed
Small Spirit shadow person manifests beside incense
Visitation at 3am atmy bedside asking for help
Spirit manifests then passes through wall.
When you need to grab batteries from the active room during a reading and you turn around to find more visitors. Meet Jenny & Carl.  Who say they left their bodies at the accident, but feel okay, I ask if there's someone Im going to be speaking to they say 'you are speaking to them' I return to my office, and excuse myself to my client telling her of the visitors I just spoke to and took a photo of, she replied did you say Jenny and Carl? I said that's right. She said OMG 😲 that was the name of my friends from England, adding they were killed two weeks ago in a motor accident, they were who I want to speak to through the Spirit device! How lovely this visit was for her, most of all, that they allowed me to photograph them. Photo taken in the dark, Spirit naturally are self illuminate, I was using the mobile light to look for the batteries for that very device. And find 2 soul behind you.
Same Spirit from previous shot turns to call out to another.
Spirit during partial manifestation.
Spirit Orb self illuminated glows in the dark
Face of Spirit watching me from the hall
Female walking by my office window turns as I take her photo only to giggle befor dissipating.
Male Spirit manifests from waist up as he walks towards me.
Child Spirit visitation
Spirit visitation Judy was identified by her daughter after the Spirits photo was uploaded, they shared the photo of their Mother Judy, the resemblance is uncanny even though she passed much older.
Apparition of a lady
Spirit in the livestream.jpg
My cat makes an appearance uring an ITC session.
Spirit Orb captured moving through the rooms in my home.
Angel captured on film
Spirit Orb manifests
Spirit Orb manifests
Spirit Orb manifests
Spirit communicates
I am absolutely stoked!_I was sitting he

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