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One this page will be any current competition announcements and/or any promotions running, where you can win a reading with Karen.
Be sure to check or tab the page so you don't miss out!

Buy 2 & Save!_edited_edited.jpg

Pay full price for the first order get the second discounted!
A few people asked if there could be a chance of having other services bundled so after putting this to Karen here's what has been agreed upon instead of the nrrp for 2 as outlined.


2x 30 Minute Straight Tarot

Pay only $140 instead of $170 nrrp

2x One Hour Exclusive

Pay only $190 instead of $330 nrrp

2x Bundle Session

Pay only $200 instead of $370 nrrp

2x 1.5 Hour Exclusive

Pay only $240 instead of $400 nrrp

2x Extended Bundle Session

Pay only $270 instead of $460 nrrp

2x EVP Scan

Pay only $300 instead of $530 nrrp

These offers are only available when ordering directly through staff. These are not available when ordering from the checkout on the website.

To see what each service offers

you can view them online on the link below. 

How to order:
To order simply contact staff stating the package you want from the list above. They will provide you with the PayPal link. Once you have finalised payment send them a screenshot of the receipt as proof of purchase.
You can elect to book the session now or have that arranged as Gift Certificate/s or have a booking and one as a Gift Certificate of that service.

Please note:

We do not offer refunds but happy to reschedule.
If you are not sure if you want to purchase or not we recommend everyone reads the
Before You Order page.


Click the link below to go to the services

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