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Spiritual Gifts

Here are Karen's most recommended Spiritual Gifts
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6 Pcs Pendulum Board for Divination_edit

6 Pcs Pendulum Board for Divination

Divination through the use of a pendulum, also known as pendulum dowsing, is a practice that dates back centuries and serves as a means to gain insight, seek guidance, and make decisions.
The primary purpose of pendulum divination is to tap into one’s intuition and access the subconscious mind. It is believed that the pendulum can help clarify thoughts and feelings that are not immediately apparent on the surface.

I believe that as spiritual beings everyone can tap into their subconscious by using a tool like this, whilst some may see anything that isn't an everyday device as something satanic, one could say that watching videos streaming could be considered satanic as it's bringing through images of people who aren't either alive or in the same room as the viewer.  I could go on but I won't, because there's always going to be that one person to criticise what they don't understand. 

Those however, that seek simple guidance of a yes, no or maybe can use a pendulum to connect with their higher self, their inner spirit or Guides, as a means of asking about the things that trouble them and this can offer some peace of mind. ~Karen


Mouna Mind Anxiety Necklace.jpg

Mouna Mind Anxiety Necklace

The Mouna Mind Anxiety Necklace is designed to offer several benefits for individuals dealing with stress and anxiety. I know myself, being an empath I often am susceptible to other people's problems, and if you have had occassion where you feel like you are having a panic attack for no apparent reason, it could just be that you have come into contact with some negative energy or even negative thoughts. I find this perfect when visualising I am sending out to the universe my desires and affirmations. I isn't a whistle that makes noise it's silent, so it will only be heard by in my opinion Angels. ~Karen

Here are some of the key advantages:


Tranquillity and Mindfulness: The necklace activates the parasympathetic nervous system by tapping into your body’s natural breathing rhythm. This encourages you to take deep breaths and slowly exhale through the necklace, promoting a state of mindfulness and allowing your inner wisdom to shine through.

Stress Relief: By controlling your breath using the necklace, you can break the cycle of anxious breathing, which often involves shortness of breath and lightheaded due to shallow, faster breathing. This helps reduce stress and anxiety levels.

Portable and Discreet: The Mouna Mind Anxiety Necklace is designed to be portable and discreet, allowing you to manage anxiety anytime, anywhere without drawing attention. It’s a silent habit helper that can be used instead of food or bad habits to soothe uncomfortable feelings away.

Daily Use for Long-Term Benefits: Consistent use of the anxiety necklace can lead to lasting lifestyle changes. Controlled breathing practised for a few minutes each day can lower stress over time, retraining your nervous system and potentially improving lung capacity.

Durable and Aesthetic: The necklace features a break-resistant chain built tough for high-stress moments. It offers a stunning look with a strong chain, making it more than just a functional tool but also a stylish accessory.

Supports a Good Cause: A portion of every purchase of the Mouna Mind Meditation Necklace goes to Food for Life, meaning your purchase not only helps de-stress but also contributes to feeding children in need.

In summary, the Mouna Mind Anxiety Necklace is a practical and elegant tool that serves as an anti-anxiety aid, helping individuals find calm and tranquillity in their daily lives while also supporting a charitable cause.

Thaibear Zen Garden Kit for the table or desk.jpg

Thaibear Zen Garden Kit for Desk or Table.

A desk Zen Garden Kit offers several benefits that can enhance your daily life, especially if you’re looking to introduce a sense of calm and mindfulness into your busy routine. Here are some of the key advantages:

Stress Relief: One of the most significant benefits of a miniature Zen garden is its ability to help relieve stress. By engaging in the simple, methodical process of arranging stones and raking the sand, you can quiet your mind and focus on the present moment.

Meditation Practice: A Zen garden can serve as a focal point for meditation, allowing you to gain a wider perspective and see beyond immediate concerns. It can be used to contemplate Zen concepts like impermanence, the absence of self, or dualism, or simply to practice mindful breathing.

Tranquillity and Focus: The presence of a Zen garden on your desk can provide a peaceful nature and a sense of tranquillity. It can also help decrease stress and improve your ability to focus, which is valuable during intense work sessions or when you need to regain self-control.

Not just for its decorative aesthetics a Zen Garden helps to calm the mind, I believe this would also be wonderful tools for those who may suffer from Dementia as it helps them to express themself and focus on something, the gentle sound of moving of the tiny grains of sand, the placing of the stones or ornaments etc. It's just so peaceful and soothing. 

Zen Gardens bring down the stress levels, add a few crystals and you're generating a energy well in the home or office that can manifest only good.


totwoo Long Distance Touch Bracelets for Couples.jpg

totwoo Long Distance Touch Bracelets for Couples

This is the most beautiful idea I have ever seen, one of my staff purchased this for her and her husband and I was completely wow'd by what it can do. So to all the love bugs out there, this is definitely for you.
How sweet would it be to suddenly feel that someone is thinking about you. Sigh.. isn't love grand?! 

The totwoo Long Distance Touch Bracelets for Couples are designed to keep loved ones connected through touch, no matter the distance.

Here are some of the key benefits:


Stay Connected: With a simple tap, the bracelet vibrates and lights up, letting your partner know you’re thinking of them. This feature works regardless of the geographical distance between you and your loved one.

All Functions Built for Love: The totwoo App offers additional sweet functions like private chat, sending love letters, reminders for important dates and calls, with customizable lights and vibrations.

Unique Design: The bracelets feature classic sun and moon elements, with romantic and fashionable designs. They include a quote from Jane Austen, “My heart is, and always will be yours,” and a hand-set zirconium stone in the moon bracelet

Innovative Technology: A hidden totwoo nb16 chip powers the smart technology within the bracelet, which is stylish and complements any jewellery combination.

Continuous Improvement: The brand is committed to enhancing user experience and regularly updates the product for better performance. They also offer a 30-day free return service.

Extra Features:

In essence, the totwoo Long Distance Touch Bracelets for Couples are more than just a piece of jewellery; they are a multi functional tool that helps maintain the emotional bond between couples, offering a tangible way to express love and stay connected.

Watch the video of how it works on the Amazon page by clicking on the image, it's awesome! ~Karen

Satya Aura Cleansing Incense Sticks (12 Pack).jpg

Satya Aura Cleansing Incense Sticks Meditation Agarbatti (12 Pack)

The Satya Aura Cleansing Incense Sticks, specifically designed for meditation (Agarbatti), offer a range of benefits that can enhance your spiritual and meditative practices:

Air Freshening: The aroma of these incense sticks plays a significant role in creating a conducive environment for spiritual practices. They eliminate foul odours and serve as an air freshener, setting a positive and calming atmosphere.

Relaxation & Stress Relief: The scent of the incense sticks helps to relax the body and mind, making it easier to enter a stress-free state. This relaxation is essential for effective meditation and can increase productivity and logical handling of stress.

Aesthetic Enhancement: Burning incense sticks brings an aesthetic quality to your meditation space, making it perfect for practices like yoga, meditation, and other cultural and spiritual activities.

Focus and Clarity: The strong aroma diffused by these incense sticks aids in gaining focus and clarity while practising yoga or meditation, helping you to maintain concentration on your spiritual journey.

Spiritual Connection: The Satya Meditation flora incense sticks act as a prayer, aiding in the quest for oneness with the universe. Their captivating aroma serves as a conduit, helping to achieve a state of deep introspection and spiritual communion.

Mental Strength Development: These incense sticks are said to help alleviate stress, tension, and anxiety, and develop mental strength. They are used to attain deep states of relaxation and compassion, which are beneficial for both meditation and everyday life.

In summary, the Satya Aura Cleansing Incense Sticks are more than just a pleasant fragrance; they are a tool to enhance your meditation experience, providing a serene environment that supports relaxation, focus, and a deeper spiritual connection.

They certainly are one of my all time favourites especially when I meditate. ~Karen


The Complete Works of Florence Scovel Shinn (Hardcover)

I couldn't go without adding to this page one of my most revered authors and spiritual teachers Florence Scovel Shinn. The true pioneer of teaching everyone about the Law of Attraction through her words and guidance, thousands over the years would travel across land and sea to visit her to have her give them the right words to change their lives. 

The sad thing is that many decided, as most do nowadays, to ride on the shoulders of another's success and claim they were the founders such as the author of The Secret (not mentioning any names.. whoopsie).

Florence's book is a compilation of her works, and experiences during these encounters and the way they played out. Be warned, the book is hard to put down. Once you start reading you literally feel the flow of energy from the universe flooding through your very fibre of existence begging you to embrace the endless possibilities that await.

As many of you know, I often recommend her book during my readings, it's just too good not to want to share with others. 

Florence Scovel Shinn was an American artist and book illustrator who became a prominent New Thought spiritual teacher and metaphysical writer in her middle years. Born on September 24, 1871, in Camden, New Jersey, she transitioned to spiritual teaching and writing after a successful career as an illustrator. Florence is widely recognised for her first book, “The Game of Life and How to Play It,” published in 1925.

Her teachings emphasize the power of positive thought, affirmations, and the law of attraction. She believed that one’s words and thoughts could directly influence their life experiences and that by aligning with spiritual laws, individuals could manifest prosperity and happiness.


Florence's work continues to influence readers with its practical wisdom on how to navigate life’s challenges using spiritual principles. Her legacy is carried on through her books, which remain in print and continue to inspire new generations seeking guidance on personal growth and the power of the mind.

Florence Scovel Shinn changed her address to the New World on 17th October 1940 she was 69 years young. Sadly she passed away from Cirrohsis of the Liver. What a tragic loss of such an incredible woman. ~Karen

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