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Love Psychic Readings

Samples & Reviews

ONCE OFF SAMPLE:  $30 AUD  (One Only - Per Person)
Samples are only for those who have NEVER had ANY reading by Karen.

Please remember Samples are not readings as such as they will not offer any predictions, if predictions are offered these are at Karen's discretion. These are only permitted to demonstrate how Karen connects with the clients situation. We do ask that you be mindful these are not for

under 18 years or if you have been read by someone else within

the last 3 months.


If you have already been read by Karen you would already know of Karen's ability to connect with you so you do not qualify for a Sample




• Your DOB as in (Day/Month/Year)  ie: 23.02.1960

• Just a first name (if difficult to pronounce please spell it out in syllables) 

• State if you are Male or Female (because some names ie Chris can be either)

• Your email where the Once Off Sample can be delivered​

• If ordering for someone else please provide that persons email as the privacy policy is not to forward someone else's reading to anyone else.

• Strictly one per person only - These are designed only for those who have never had a reading by Karen, they do not replace a proper reading.

Once we receive that Karen is given 48hrs to complete these, as they are done between priority bookings. These are recorded and emailed, unlike priority bookings these are performed in your complete absence without speaking to you.

We do ask that you take the time to leave your Review following any reading so others who may be seeking a reading may be able to make an informed decision. A part of the reason why these stopped was due to many not leaving a review, not only do others rely on these so do we.


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Want to offer a Donation?

If you wish to offer a donation as a way of thanks please feel free to do so by clicking the link below. Only for Donations. 
Do Not use this for any  purchase. Thank you.

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Unlike other sites you only get REAL TESTIMONIALS by those who actually HAVE HAD a reading, we don't believe in creating fake FaceBook accounts just to make it look like we have great reviews. If you have not had a reading your review will not be shown, we have had an incident where a fake review was added and that person never ever had a reading so we did not allow it. 

Please know reviews directly added via the website do not show images, however you can choose to add one if you wish in the image holder option that appears alongside your review window. Alternatively,  if you have Facebook you can add your review including a rating via our Facebook page and this will appear with your profile pic automatically in the Testimonials below, naturally showing you to be a real person. Reviews are a wonderful way of helping people make informed choices.

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