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Once Off Sample or the Taste Tester of readings, are only for those who have never had a prior reading by Karen, only one is allowed per person. Samples are not obligated to provide any predictions. They are designed purely to demonstrate Karen's ability to connect with the person without even needing to see them or know anything personal, they are not to replace a full reading reading. There are no freebies.

To place an order simply make your purchase on the PayPal link below, then click here to provide us your 
Date of Birth written out in full ie: 7th October 1967
(No questions are allowed on the Once Off Sample).

Karen then has up to 48 Hours to complete the order.
You will not receive a call from Karen these are done in your absence in order of first in best dressed.


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Angel manifestation
Spirit Guide Indian Chief
Accurate Psychic And Tarot Readings by professional Psychic Medium Karen Waterfield

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Unlike other sites you only get REAL TESTIMONIALS by those who actually HAVE HAD a reading, we don't believe in creating fake FaceBook accounts just to make it look like we have great reviews. If you have not had a reading your review will not be shown, we have had an incident where a fake review was added and that person never ever had a reading so we did not allow it. 

Please know reviews directly added via the website do not show images, however you can choose to add one if you wish in the image holder option that appears alongside your review window. Alternatively,  if you have Facebook you can add your review including a rating via our Facebook page and this will appear with your profile pic automatically in the Testimonials below, naturally showing you to be a real person. Reviews are a wonderful way of helping other people make informed decisions.

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