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Happy Guru

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If there's one thing I love it's incense and during all my readings I have them burning along with a candle or two or three.

Recently I came across a store online and purchased a box of incense, the burning time was incredible up to 40 mins! which is what you want from a good incense right?!  I was so impressed I ordered up BIG! And felt that I would like to add this business to the Pay It Forward page.

Why not visit their store today, my absolute favourite incense is WICCA Ritual Natural Incense by New Moon..
Well, click on their logo to go straight to their store and don't forget to say hi to Duncan and tell him Karen recommended them. 

102 Bettington Street Merriwa NSW 2329

(02) 6548 2888

Customer Support: 
Monday - Friday 9am to 6pm
Saturday & Sunday 10am to 3pm

Incenses, perfumes, oils, soap, candles, sun catchers, chimes, and more!

Oz Hempware

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Hemp Oil for Dogs and Cats
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My goodness, where do I begin?!

I tried everything for my dog who suffers or should I say 'suffered' arthritis, I bought some of the top brand arthritis powders, chews, heat pads, heated bed, pretty much everything you can imagine to try to help ease his joint pains. Some days he would only be walking backwards because his back and hind legs were all cramped up, he limped badly and my heart broke seeing this, after much research I discovered that Hemp Oil was being used successfully on animals, so begun the search. I found a product on eBay from Oz Hempware and the rest is history at first I hesitated because it was very cheap so I thought it would probably be too weak to do anything, but after the first day I saw a remarkable improvement, then by day 6 he was running, with all paws on the ground not one hind leg tucked up against his body. 

I thought they deserve to be recommended because they are a Godsend! Their products work! 

So if you have a pet who has arthritis get on to their page pronto!


Say hi to Paul and tell him Karen recommended them.


4 Oval Avenue, Woy Woy, NSW

 (02) 4344 2300  between 10am – 4pm (EST) Monday to Friday.

Seance Perfumes Absolutely Amazing Scents!

"Hauntingly beautiful scents for those who want to be remembered"

Karen recommends them!


Seance perfumes


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As a person who loves animals and is passionate about saving lives, I encourage everyone to please do your part in being a part of the cure not the problem.

Animals worldwide are suffering because of selfish people, they feel pain, empathy, they think, they bleed, they have a brain, a heart a digestive system, in short they are no different really to us. Their only crime is they weren't born human. 

I'm paying it forward to people who go out to rescue these animals, and give them justice for a kinder existence.
Join me and other compassionate people.
Donate today to Four Paws Australia.



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RAUDIVE Diode EVP Receiver and Microphone

I have looked high and low for a RAUDIVE Diode EVP Receiver and came across Photomix on Etsy.

If you're looking for a genuine RAUDIVE Diode EVP Receiver and Microphone for Paranormal Research, look no further than Kevin's online store at Etsy.

I am very impressed with the style of the receiver that was delivered to me, you can instantly tell that Kevin built this with a lot of passion and attention to detail. Not only that, but delivery during our COVID-19 times from England to Australia was incredibly fast!

I will be testing it out when I have some free time and will be sure to provide here what may come through. So keep watching this space.

To see what this amazing item does click on Kevin's logo to the Photomix to see the description. 

If you do order yourself one, don't forget to say Hi to Kevin from me. 

hippy house logo


Whether it's oils, clothing, soaps and incense or even hydroponic lighting, the Hippie House is another favourite shop of mine. The staff are always friendly and helpful and the range of products are definitely worth a visit. 

I am a lover of oils and incense and The Hippie House is just another one of my go to stores. 

Stop by and make sure to say Hi to Steve from me. 

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Can I just express how excited I feel about leaving a review here and a link to Eco by Sonya Driver, more famously known as Eco Tan. For a long time I have used Eco Tan products confidently because I love the fact they are not just Australian owned and harvested, but Eco Friendly and not tested on animals, and you know my thoughts on brands that do that! 

At my age it's important to look after your skin, let's face it,  at ANY AGE skin is important to us to take care of, I remember going through a stage of adult acne and it was hard to not show insecurities because of it. Even if people weren't looking at your skin your self esteem and confidence takes a nose-dive. 

I love using Eco Tan's daily skin routine of face wash and exfoliator and the number one must have

'Glory Oil'! It really is a life saver! The skin just drinks it up like a fresh tall glass of water and the results are just amazing! I recently started using the Glory oil on a nasty scar on my leg from surgery I had several years ago, at the time the surgeon did a very tight stitch causing my skin to raise like an ugly line that often turned from a bright pink to purple on colder days. Having used the oil for only 2 weeks I no longer have a raised bump, nor a bright pink/purple scar, it's calmed down to my natural skin colour. 

The products I absolutely love are:

  • Super Citrus Cleanser
  • Glory Oil
  • Super Acai Exfoliator
  • Super Fruit Hydrator
  • Face Tan Water
I honestly cannot speak highly enough of these products, there's so many benefits for your complexion in a one stop shop. 
But don't just take my word for it, I guarantee once you have tried Eco Tan products by Sonya Driver, you'll also be raving about them! 

Eco tan 

Magic from the ground

Magic From The Ground
Magic From The Ground pendant worn by Psychic Medium Karen

Today I'd like to pay it forward to small business Magic From The Ground

The first thing you notice is the presentation, even before you open the parcel, the dedication and care and the whole esthetics of how it arrives to your door is just indescribably beautiful. You almost don't want to open the parcel because it looks so pretty. Once you do you notice how much attention to detail is invested in making your whole experience personal. There is a card inserted into a sleeve along with the polishing cloth and a special gift as a way of thanking you for your purchase. Then the finale' the pendant, chain included and just knowing the decoration was all handcrafted just gives that originality and WOW factor!
Spectacular work and attention to minute detail as you can see from the photo of my amazing Labradorite Tree of Life pendant, best of all you can actually feel the energy emitting from the crystal.

If you haven’t already. Please check out Delaine’s website and don't forget to subscribe to her Facebook page & Tiktok account and please like and follow her. She devotes so much time, love and energy into each piece.

Delaine's business is based in beautiful Queensland, I'm sure you'll agree after you peruse' her website, Delaine has a real gift at what she does, and I would love to see her reach for the stars. Imagine what a beautiful gift a handcrafted pendant from Delaine would make for you or someone special in your life!

Tiktok & Instagram @magicfromtheground

#magicfromtgeground #crystalpendant #handcraftedjewelry #queensland #recommended #pleaseshare

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