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A message from Psychic  Medium Karen:
I do reviews on many ITC hardware and software to see which ones are easy to use by Spirit and naturally I ask my resident Spirits Chris, Albert and Tracey if they can assist in reviewing them and providing their honest opinion.

This page is dedicated to those people who are passionate about assisting others out there with the right tools to assist in making contact with the other side, but more importantly who I value as legit in their work and who Spirit have told me personally are helping bridge the contact.  
The world is moving forward and technology and Spirit ARE working together. Much of the wonderous ideas come from those who left this world before they had a chance to finish what they began, so by giving the ideas to others' this is how every day people all around the world are getting validation from things they never thought possible.


True: with any Tool of divination one must have an open and sound mind and only seek those in the immediate location, otherwise you can  bring forthe those from external planes and this is where things can get dangerous if not done properly.

One must remember that Spirit must have complete respect at all times, never coax, rouse or insult them.
They were just like you once and believe it or not Spirit does want to communicate with us, however, just as you and I would be, if someone were to intimidate or insult us, they can become angry and some can and will hurt you if pushed too far.

If you want Spirit to always feel you are trustworthy then you must prove it from the get-go!


If you are genuinely interested in purchasing an App or Hardware ITC device please make these your first point of contact.
Thank you for your time and please remember to let them know they were recommended by me.

~ Karen ~ 



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Exclusive Spirit Apps & Boxes by Steve Hultay
Wagner ITC Spirit Boxes - Custom made

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