Gift Certificates

Valid for 6 Months
Purchase a 30 min or 1 Hour reading
Message us that you would like your order

to be converted to a GC & we will email a digtal

GC to your nominated email address.

No reading should ever be given to anyone under the age of 18yrs as it can be damaging to their natural psyche' passage

As every reading continues where the last one left off
we recommend you keep a gap of 3-6 months between readings
regardless of who does them.
Services & Prices
(Sorry no Face 2 Face)
Karen calls Landline/Mobile Australia-wide  
Voice Skype/Messenger chat Overseas

Readings are all recorded 

we don't believe in emailed

templates where a name is

automatically added.

Scroll down for the list of services offered

and how much each reading costs, all are recorded.

If you are seeking a reading the same day,

please contact us first to enquire of availability.

 Please be mindful we often find it best to book up to 2 days in advance,

all bookings are scheduled for Sydney times

Please be sure to check the time differences.

Netbank transfer option also avail please note on Netbank transfers

the funds must clear before a booking can be made.
Bank transfers usually take 3-5 business days to clear.

Please advise if you are not situated in Australia on the Contact form as Karen only calls AU numbers

(overseas are via Skype Voice or Messenger Voice only)

If you prefer to pay via Net Bank please advise via the contact form before clicking the purchase link,

so we can arrange that otherwise once you click purchase it goes through to PayPal.

Following purchase you will be redirected to fill in the 'Contact Us' form to schedule a time.

You will not be redirected to a booking form you MUST contact us as we cater to clients worldwide and time zones vary.

I M P O R T A N T 

You are emailed a download link of your readings audio the same day as the reading,
(except EVP scans as these are a lengthy process)


Please note: All download links expire within 2 days, therefore it is your responsibility

to download your audio and save it ASAP to your computer as we do not keep copies, so be sure to check Junk & Spam folders in your email or let us know immediately if you cannot locate it

and we can provide the link in the pop-up chat window bottom of the screen.

Thank you.

We do not sms or call the client when arranging bookings if you use the pop-up chat to speak to us please stay online as we handle ​all bookings via the website contact forms or popup chat window.
We may have many to respond to so please be patient.

You will be redirected after payment to the Contact us page to tee up a time with staff.

No refunds, but happy to reschedule

If you are entering a CODE at the checkout remember to manually type it out exactly as it is shown and

then hit Apply to generate the discount.

Gift Certificates are easy to order.
Available on any 1 hour or 30 min reading only.

 To order simply pay for the service, and screenshot the receipt displayed to confirm purchase.

  Contact us using the Members Chat window bottom of this screen.

Once we reply attach a copy of the screenshot of the receipt and send that to us

and we will email you the Gift Certificate.



30 min reading with audio download link provided same day.

Straight Tarot only no mediumship.(Phone/Skype/Messenger)

Psychic Medium Karen calls you 

please arrange booking time with staff



1 ORDER PER PERSON between full readings

$30 provides 3 in-depth answers to 3 questions delivered within 48hrs on audio download link. 1 per person between full readings.

Must relate to immediate urgent/serious  problems only.
Not used in replace of a full reading.

Done in your absence




30 min reading with audio download link provided same day.

Straight Tarot only no mediumship

Focus on one topic

Love, Finances, Family etc


Psychic Medium Karen calls you 

please arrange booking time with staff




•$20 reveals what lies ahead for the coming month with audio download link provided within 48hrs from time of order, performed in your absence.

Theses are done without speaking to you.

One Per Person between full readings




Reading includes:
Tarot, Mediumship, Psychic tuning, Life Path reading & pre-read. 


Absent readings are done only on Thursdays without speaking to you and audio link emailed there may be a 3+ week/month wait on Absent orders as these are done in first in best dressed order. 
All you provide is your full date of birth and up to 3 questions to be sealed in an envelope and answered at the end of the reading. 
Designed for OS Clients whose time zones make it difficult.




Reading includes:

Tarot, Mediumship, Psychic tuning, Life Path reading & pre-read.

Following the reading you are sent a download link of the recorded session we do not keep copies of any readings so it is up to you to save to your computer asap.

Psychic Medium Karen calls you 

please arrange booking time with staff




•$170 1hr recorded 

1 reading audio file

1 Spirit Box audio file

delivered same day.

Includes: 30-40min Tarot, Life Path reading & preread +

10-20 mins Spirit Box  (Phone/Skype/Messenger)

See this page 

'What is a Spirit Box?'

Psychic Medium Karen calls you 

please arrange booking time with staff




$40 An Ancient Form of•Divination highlights the spiritual journey and transitions now & to come.
Approx 20-25 mins

Audio Delivery within 48hrs

recorded in your absence.'




•$250 1hr EVP Scanned 

Includes: Tarot, Mediumship, Psychic tuning, Life Path reading & preread plus any EVPs' captured during the session are copied into individual mp3 files so you can hear any spirit voices that were there during the actual reading itself.

See this page 

'EVP Scan - What is it?'

Psychic Medium Karen calls you 

please arrange booking time with staff


What is a Spirit Box?

A Spirit Box is a Instrumental Tool offered as a medium to Spirits to manipulate

in order for the person who otherwise aren't able to hear Spirit may have an opportunity to do so.

Some Spirits can use them with ease whilst others take a little longer, the best part is the Spirit doesn't need to be in the room with the Medium to manipulate it. First important step is to get validation, so be sure its someone you actually know, they will be asked to confirm  a name or some other detail.

It must be stressed that no Spirit will be forced to speak, often on playback clients have confirmed hearing more than they did over the phone/Skype call or Messenger. Even pets have reacted to familiar voices.

If you order the Bundled session please respect newly passed souls, they need time to settle into the new world as a mark of respect we recommend giving at least 1-2 months before attempting contact. 

Spirit communication is not for entertainment and should be given complete respect always


Here are some videos of the Spirit Box replies

The Latest Model


EVP SCAN - What is it?

We put the 1hr reading through a program that filters and highlights any anomaly/spirit voice, these in turn are reviewed, copied into single mp3 files and included in the same zipped folder as the reading.


The entire process can take up to 9hrs for a 1hr session to be scanned thoroughly to eliminate contamination sounds etc.

 The minimum found were 4 the most 499 in 1x 1hr session.

Because only 1-2 can be scanned daily, it could take up to or a little over 2-6 weeks before we email it, depending on the number of scanned readings booked.

Once the EVPs are scanned and saved into

their own individual files, we deliver the download link of them including your original recorded session to you.

We are the only ones to offer this service anywhere!


"Don't forget if you request to purchase a Gift Certificate please choose

which reading type from the menu above then contact us on the contact form here

Ask about Karen's Private ITC session's
These are performed completely in your absence
Spirit are welcomed to come forward and reveal themselves.
Some have had pets come through, relatives are welcomed as are Guides.

Three separate sessions are performed per person asking 3+ Questions

​Any that willingly reveal themselves during the sessions will be provided in a download link which will include the question asked at the time noted above the image.

Here is Karen's dog that came through during an ITC session.


To offer a faster service we no longer post out CDs but provide download link to your email sent the same day as the reading, except on EVP scanned sessions as these take longer to scan as outlined.

New to the list is the Spirit Box Session which is also recorded and sent as a download link

Compared to others, rates are extremely affordable for what you get


Please also be aware that although the Absent readings are completed on Thursdays they may take several weeks

as these are done in a first in first dressed basis. There can often be up to a 3+ week wait depending on numbers ordered in advance, your patience is appreciated if seeking the Absent 1hr order.


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