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My Guide Sowella

Updated: Jun 25, 2022

I was only young when I first met Sowella, at first a quiet soul that seemed to just watch over me when I'd play, I felt safe whenever I saw her around, I guess in my eyes she was like my babysitter to some degree even if then she never really spoke a lot.


As I grew older Sowella began to speak to me, her first words were 'I think your ready'. All I could think of was 'ready for what?!' but I wasn't scared. Over time Sowella prepared me for a great many things in my life like explaining to me about death and the process of rebirth into the New World. I recall we had a little puppy, we named her Lady she was a tiny little thing born of our beautiful Kisma a Welsh Corgi. I remember how incredibly sad I was that I couldn't do anything for this little pup who suddenly dropped on it's side an appeared to whimper then die before my eyes. I was mortified. Sowella told me that this is a process of life, I asked why she had to die and her reply was "Every living thing has a reason for being here, some for a long time others a short time. This little one only had to touch your heart and bring love to complete her journey to the next passage, she has done this well and effortlessly, now she has stepped into a new body of light, the completion." I remember holding Lady's tiny body crying over her and kissing her head telling her I loved her. My grandmother came into the room and I told her that "Lady is now in a body of light" and she asked me why I would say such things, I explained she was here for a little time because she had to touch our heart and show us love before leaving. My grandmother said 'she wasn't a very healthy puppy, we were surprised she lived this long, the vet said he didn't expect her to live the first day'. Then she said 'that's a lovely way of putting it' and repeated 'now in a body of light, interesting..' she said. I had, growing up, a lot of pets, 7 dogs, 5 cats, 2 birds and 2 horses and a Marino sheep we found running down the road :) Being the first real death I'd witnessed it was made comforting by Sowella's soft voice and as each of our pets aged and their time came she gave me the talk preparing me for what was to come. I felt so helpless but knew death shouldn't be feared and if I show calmness and love perhaps the crossing over process won't be so scary to the soul leaving.

I drew the picture above of Sowella when I was approx 11 yrs old, this is the look she gave as I used to sit with paper and pencils at my grandmother's kitchen table drawing the flowers on her table. Everytime I look at this I am taken back to that day. There were no such things as computers then, and it was mostly an age where I had a great many child spirits around and Sowella the only adult one. I used to love to feel the material of her clothing I remember squishing the fabric between my fingers and it seemed to jello out then as soon as I'd let go the material formed almost complete once more. The sensation of it was almost cool to touch but had a fluidity to it. It was nothing like any other material I'd ever seen, LOL I remember asking her when I was going to get my pretty dress. As she walked it flowed and when she turned it was swirled where her legs would be.. I recall it was Sowella that first introduced a very shy me to other children, though they were spirit, my interaction with them grew steadily stronger day by day, I never really felt I was like any of the other kids. Socially I was great with spirit but around the other kids I felt uncomfortable or unsure of how to behave, so often I'd become bullied with some very hurtful remarks. If not for the fact that I grew up not knowing my biological Father it was mocking me 'oh seen any ghosts lately?' or they'd pretend to have someone next to them and say things like 'my friend doesn't like you, they say you're ugly'.

But one thing I found is she never stopped my free will, dating wasn't easy for me and I found myself become that insecure clingy type of girlfriend, I disliked that, however much I tried not to be I feel it was merely because of just wanting acceptance. The hardest part though were the visions. I feel Sowella was the one to show me these as warnings, but I chose to ignore them and, as result ended up heartbroken in big ways. One thing is for certain though, I have never had a relationship where secrets weren't revealed in some way by Spirit or Sowella. Sowella has comforted me throughout my life and still assists me through my reading others, sometimes she will intervene especially if an A*Hole Spirit is around (refer to video below) Don't play it too loud and you may require headphones as I had the fan on in my room so unfortunately you can hear the sound, as I thank her you will however hear a strange deeper sound, this is Spirit energy coming close to my iPhone, which is what recorded this. Often her advise is undeniable, I have often put to Sowella some challenging questions and her indepth responses are often shared via the Facebook page 'The High Priestess Studio.

Spirit Guide Sowella's voice captured on audio defending me against a horrible earthbound spirit

~ Karen

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