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Is technology really worth it? 🌹

Technology is becoming increasingly more sophisticated and more people as a result will be sure to experience glitches, interruptions and other issues that will be compromised by either resistance from the realms they are closest to, or will effect the individual themselves.

Some people will experience light headedness, nausea, tingling or crawling sensations over their head or skin. While pets may behave differently than usual, some people will experience vivid dreams, and difficulty with sleeping. Or appliances may play up or interfere with other equipment. For example it's recommended not to place any wifi modem near a television, this can cause interference with the device or signal. If technology was so good you'd think having a modem nearby a television would not effect it. But it does!

Spirit say the magnetic field generates a vibration inside their realms and they can feel it.

And while it may increase their ability to communicate with us, we must ask ourselves honestly if this is what we need? I have always known spirit to have the ability to communicate with us if they want however, due to the way technology is progressing so rapidly, they often may not realise their own strengths and as a result they may seem to present as a bad spirit rather than beloved aunty Florence who may just be doing her routine visit but the more technology develops and fills the environment she visits, suddenly her presence becomes more powerful or creates paranoia.

Technology can cause one or two things to eventually happen, the ethereal veil will become thinner or thicker, if it does become the latter, more may become earthbound in spirit.

Remember although technology is great it certainly can be an evil thing in the long run🌹

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