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My Out Of Body Experience🌹

I recall my very first OOBE (Out of Body Experience) where I found myself suddenly in my grandmothers home. I was standing in her bedroom doorway and saw her come through the lounge room opposite and wearing a black and white floral dress, she walked right past me. I recall her bedroom was unusually dark for that time of day, I was aware it was daytime as I had moments earlier decided to have a nap whilst my daughter had her nap.

OOBE, Out Of Body Experience, I'm a Ghost
My Out of Body Experience was first visiting my grandmothers home. It was there I realised I was having an Out of Body Experience!

I then recall that to move forward it was all in my mind, meaning I could hear the words 'I want to move forward' being said repeatedly in my mind, and with each time I heard it I moved (floated) forward. I was fully aware, I felt alive, strangely alive like I had full conscience of the situation, my surroundings etc. I then moved into the lounge room. I recall seeing a chair from the kitchen in the middle of the room, it was completely out of place, I was then aware I was not in my physical body and excitedly was wanting to keep moving but this time I said 'I want to move through the wall' it was like an Adrenalin rush!

floating, out of body experience, OOBE, the soul,
I found myself floating towards a tower then I passed right through it

Instead of going through the wall ending up in the kitchen, I found myself flying over a location I had never been, it was not a familiar place, definitely not a place in my country but somewhere else. I approached a tower and then as I went through this tower I suddenly found myself standing in front of a sandstone looking home, the surrounding fence which was made of the same sandstone as the house seemed to come off the house and not like our fences that have sides that run either side of the house. In the front stood what was a fruit tree with netting over it. The door suddenly was gone on the house, and a long hallway was before me, I somehow knew I had to go into this home, so I again heard the words 'I want to move forward', as I got to the end of the hallway I looked to my left and saw a man sitting with his back against the wall, he looked directly at me and said 'who are you?'

That moment I found myself back in my home, back in my body, it felt as if my whole body was cool as if I had air pass right through my whole being. I felt so much energy it was incredible!

Out of Body Experience, psychic medium Karen, The High Priestess Studio
I called my grandmother to share what happened. She confirmed what I experienced really did happen!

I then ran to my phone, no mobiles back then. I dialled my grandmothers number and when she answered I asked her why her bedroom was so dark. She said 'I had a migraine earlier and had a lay down so the blinds are down.' I then said 'and you're wearing a black and white floral Summer dress?' she said 'I was, but spilt beetroot on it when I was making your uncle Geoff's sandwich so I changed' I then asked 'why is the kitchen chair in the middle of the lounge room? Her reply was 'Your uncle Geoff was changing the ceiling fan light'. She then exclaimed 'How do you know?!' I then blurted out excitedly "I was there!" I then told her about the amazing experience which still had me buzzing.

I then told her about the odd experience after I went through the kitchen wall but instead ending up in the kitchen found myself floating towards then through a tower then the experience with the house and the man.

None of that made sense until 3-4 yrs later.

3-4 years later I met my husband, he was Lebanese and his family were showing photo albums, in one album they opened a page and suddenly it all came flooding back, there in one photo was the house I saw with the man in it. I then relayed my OOBE experience, they then said that house was my husbands uncle but he was what most considered mad as he committed suicide in that home, at the end room on the left he sat against the wall and blew his brains out, I was shocked to hear that. It was then clear to me why I experienced that, it was to share with his family that he wasn't mad, he actually saw spirits! He saw mine!

Out of Body Experience, psychic Medium Karen
I was shocked to see the photo of the house I saw during my OOBE actually belonged to my husbands uncle!

I can only assume the tower was a go-between or transition point, as I've never in all these years saw any tower like the one I saw in this experience. Maybe, it will make sense before I leave this world, maybe I never will. Who knows. But it was an exhilarating experience. 🌹 


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