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Dreaming is a way our body and mind tries to make sense of our circumstances or provide opportunities to escape the reality. Dreams can be portals to the other side where visitations can occur where you can be interacting with others in the new world or simply there seeing what is going on.

But if you have created a Dream Diary also take into consideration the mood, weather, lighting conditions and possible other factors, as dreams often are telling us more than we realise.

In particular Weather conditions often portray emotions or inner turmoil and or pending changes to be aware of often as warnings or great news for good or bad are on their way!

I've put together information based on weather and other associations with descriptions of what these mean in our dreams..

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Winter 🌬️❄️

Or cold temperatures reflect on attitudes of others or personal feelings of being left out in the cold and/or unappreciated. This can also be significant for infidelity, things not being as great as you think or warning of back-stabbing from someone you might least expect🌹

  • To dream of having a cold or Flu or wearing many layers of clothes in your dream means that you are going through changes to your health or lifestyle that may need to be reassessed. Too many layers of clothing is indicative of insecurity.

  • To dream of something or someone frozen is a sign to leave a situation or another person alone so things can thaw out. In other words at this time you are more likely to cause more problems or harm if you interfere or continue to fight with someone else as they won't listen or change.

  • If it's cold and dark outside in your dream, it means that you have to be mindful of the things going on around you. This can also reveal underhanded tactics by someone or the need to double check your position or security.

  • If it's cold and dark inside in your dream, be it inside a car or room, it may point to you being your own worst enemy or going blindly into deals you should not be a part of. Especially if signing contracts as they might be worded in a way that benefits someone else. This can also mean that you need more trust as this may be self sabotaging things in your life.

  • To dream of falling snow is a sign that soon things are going to change, the heavier the snow falling will indicate the speed of change for good or bad. Seeing snow covered objects means that you are not being told everything and someone or something is preventing you from seeing what you need to see. This is where you will need to ask yourself if you are refusing to see what is going on (denial).

Autumn 🍃

Or being naked feeling exposed or being judged by others or oneself. Including insecurity. This can also herald a financial collapse or drought or even a financial or relationship drought to come which is a warning of watching your spending or other impulsive habits🌹

  • A home or room with no furniture or furnishings means you might not have the support you though you had.

  • To dream of people stocking up means you need to prepare for a quiet period, or time of little activity or loss of condition. This can also point to upcoming appointments often medically related for you or someone else.

  • This can also bring news of a death especially if someone suddenly disappears in your dream or you hear a news report in your dream. Therefore the message might be to make more effort with someone who has been ill or going through something difficult as it could be a message that they have grave depression or anxiety.

Spring 🌺

Or new clothes, often popular with news coming and the new beginnings, births, or messages from Spirit being delivered by the overall message you feel through the waking emotional state🌹

  • Dreaming of a bird's nest, baby animals or baby humans, a baby smiling or laughing, a new home, flowers blooming or even birds singing is a great sign of blessings on their way, a positive answer to a question that's been bugging you or news of a new job opportunity becoming available or extra bonuses. If you've been out of luck or feeling overwhelmed or run down things soon will change for the better. This can also foretell a proposal or pregnancy for you or someone close.

  • To dream of trees with lush leaves, a lot of green grass and even abundance of food is a sign that what you are working towards will come to fruition.

Summer ☀️

Or feeling hot and sweaty, is a sign of potential energy slumping and possibly things coming to light that may have been hidden from you. Summer scenes in one’s dreams may be warning signs too of drowning in debt or getting caught up in something that might get you into hot water.🌹

  • Dreams of splashing in a pool can be significant to a event that brings a feeling of euphoria or reconnections with people or places linked to one's childhood or recent past.

  • To dream of walking barefoot on hot sand or any other hot surface, is a warning that you must tread carefully or prepare for a person or situation to suddenly become too hot to handle.

  • To dream of you struggling to breathe is a sign that you're not being honest with yourself about something. This can also warn of being someone who is going to put you on the spot.

  • To dream of another person or even an animal struggling to breathe, is a sign that you are being, or soon will have someone try to trap you into something. This can also mean that you are not being honest with someone else and your conscience is eating away at you.

  • To dream of looking up at the Sun is a sign that you're waiting for an answer that soon will come, to see your or another's shadow on the ground indicates something profound will happen and put everything into perspective.

Clouds ☁️

To dream of clouds indicates the following depending on their colour🌹

  • A storm cloud heralds pending trouble, arguments, emotional distress, a shocking discovery or loss.

  • A Dark cloud with a silver lining indicates that soon troubles will soon be no more, but may still leave a lasting impression.

  • Scattered clouds of various colours means that many people are or soon will interfere in your life or new friends are possible but don't be too quick to trust especially if there's more dark clouds than white.

  • To dream of a fluffy white cloud is a sign of good luck, the fatter the cloud the better as it means more opportunities or financial rewards. Otherwise, if it's a small white cloud that is evaporating quickly it indicates a sudden shift of luck so don't gamble.

  • To dream of a drawn cloud is a sign that your inner child is trying to tell you something about yourself. Often it's a sign that the situation you are experiencing at present is linked to past events or even a part of your childhood memories that you may require counselling or self improvement in order to break the cycle.

  • To dream of touching or walking on a cloud is indicating that you may be experiencing euphoria in your life or soon something exciting is coming. However, to put your hand or foot through the cloud means that you are being deceived in some way by a person or situation who may be too good to be true.

Raining 🌧️

Rain in a dream can be signs of good luck showering into your life in areas that you felt weren't ideal conditions🌹

  • Light rain without a cloud in sight means good luck or good news comes from out of the blue. Especially if it's raining on you!

  • Heavy rain falling from a blue sky is a sign that something bad can happen out of the blue especially if it's raining on you!

  • Warm rain is a sign of something important that will touch your heart, cold rain will bring something to a standstill.

  • To dream of rain rolling down a window is a sign that you have protection around you from a loved one or Angel you may not be aware is there.

  • To dream of rain inside the home is a indication of deep depression still being dealt with.

  • To dream of flooding of any kind, this is a sign of great opportunity to come, this can also mean that you need to watch out for sudden changes or a need to make changes to your plans.

I hope you have enjoyed this blog, I may add more to this blog in time so be sure to save it for reference.

𝓢𝓽𝓪𝔂 𝓫𝓵𝓮𝓼𝓼𝓮𝓭🙏🏼


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