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Creating A Dream Diary.

My tip on Creating A Dream Diary. It's important to keep a dream diary beside your bed to note down things to assist in reflection on the most important things. I draw up columns and at the top use these as triggers to assist in recall.

IE: 1. Date 2. How many dreams? (some are like short stories). 3.most recalled colour/s. 4.Emotions felt. (anger, happiness, shame, embarrassed, tired, hungry, moody) 5. Familiarity (people or places etc) 6. Alone or with another? 7. Was this a recurring dream? (have you had the same dream before) 8. Deceased (were there any people who have passed? Did you see yourself as deceased?) 9. Did you hear music 🎶 After you fill in all the info write down how your Current life situation is, often you will discover a link to one or more of the subjects, the others may provide answers to the immediate problems you have. 

If you still need help in dream connection or deciphering feel free to order a Dream Analysis by me for the set rate of only $10 via the Facebook page these go for approximately 10 minutes and l provide a recording of what l interpret from the dream details you provide. 

Just in case you didn't realise by now, I only ever record what l get as I don't believe in typing out readings or interpretations. 

As often our higher self provides solutions or outcomes to these via our dreams. ~Karen🌹 

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