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Spiritual Guidance comes in many forms and touches our lives in many ways, what one person perceives may hold a very different vision to that of Spirit. We are all Spirit living inside mobile temples.

We are given free will because our journey here is one of learning, and experiencing how to make good of every situation. In order to have the best reading, it is important you don't first divulge all you want to know unless you seek only to have that single thing answered.

Otherwise you have already affected your reading to the point that it then becomes one of 'You only knew that because I told you', I don't work like that, I am here to share what I sense is, has and is about to happen in  your path. I also ask you refrain from having no more than one reading in a 3-6 month period, and you must be over 18 years. Why? Because until 18 you are still designing your own path and creating your goals.

To read for an under 18 can affect their psyche' and throw them off balance spiritually. If I should ask a question it is merely to determine that the information I receive is connecting, I don't need you to elaborate just a 'yes or no' is sufficient.  I look forward to doing your psychic reading for you. 

Sydney Psychic Medium 


Prayer List
Various reading styles & rates.

Readings are never general and there is no way to tell what is going to happen during them, until the reading has commenced. 

Spirits, Angels & Guides
Spirits, Angels & Guides

Spirits are all around us, often they are just curious, some may be related, other's like to interact and some don't.

Spirit visitations caught on audio
The Audio - EVPs

It's not uncommon through readings that are recorded, for people to hear familiar voices of their loved ones talking, or other souls asking for help, note: family do not often ask for help.

Read the Blogs
Read the Blogs

Follow the blogs, understand more about spirit, their signs, interactions, Spirit Guides & more!

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The Signs About Us

You may feel alone but signs of our loved ones often are there as small as a butterfly that beats it's wings hard in order to change the winds of karma that come your way. Often it's in love that our Angels work hardest for us, Love is the only true purest form of energy known to man.. And Spirit illuminate within it's power. ~ Karen Why not stop by the store to see what we have.

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