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Before ordering please query with staff about a booking time.
Please note staff can only offer one booking time as times offered is held for 30 mins pending confirmation & payment. To offer several so to assist them please advise what time and day suits you so they can see what there is available closest to or on that day and time. 

If booking for someone else please have them create their own web account by filling in the Contact Us form so we are dealing only with them, and setting up the booking under their web account and not someone else's, if this is not adhered to this could result in sensitive information that may come through their reading they might not want anyone else knowing about, being sent to the wrong person. The reason we put this in place was due to this very incident in the past cost a friendship, and staff as a result of that action of the buyer were threatened. It also ensure's that on the day we are sending the correct phone number to Karen. This avoids the risk of having Karen being embarrassed that we have sent the number of the person who ordered and not the one having the reading.
Thank you for your understanding.

Discover whether you are compatible as a couple.

Once you have purchased, message staff with a screenshot of your email confirmation as proof of purchase and provide the following:

Your name and your partners name including both dates of birth in full ie:

Your name + DOB 30th May 1990

Partners name + DOB 18th January 1987

Once you have provided these Karen is given up to 48 hours to deliver the audio to staff to forward. This service is completed in your absence.


Couples Compatibility

  • Orders are final and we do not offer cancellations or refunds, however you are free to reschedule. The High Priestess Studio in conjunction with Psychic & Medium Karen agree to provide a full original audio recording of the reading purchased within 48hrs from the time of payment received.

    No copies are kept so it is the responsibility of the client to download and save their audio to their computer as soon as possible.

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