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Before ordering please query with staff about a booking time.
Please note staff can only offer one booking time as times offered is held for 30 mins pending confirmation & payment. To offer several so to assist them please advise what time and day suits you so they can see what there is available closest to or on that day and time. 

A live Guided meditation session over the phone as a way of assisting in opening your chakras, or bringing out your personal best, or meeting your Spirit Guides, or even loved ones.

Just lay down, and be taken into a guided deep relaxation, stay in control and tap into your higher self.

Session will take approximately 1 Hour.  Depending on the session focus.

These sessions do not replace any counselling or doctors advice, at no time will there be any suggestion to stop medication as your doctors know what is best for you, this service is merely to help reduce stress, connect with your higher self and/or guides or help you focus on self change and positivity. 

Psychic Medium Karen calls you 

please arrange booking time with staff

We do not offer refunds but happy to reschedule.
Once you order please use the

Contact Us Form.


Guided Meditation (over the phone)

  • We do not offer refunds but happy to reschedule your booking.
    Please do not make a purchase if your last reading was with anyone within the last 3 months as every reading continues where the last left off.


    Anyone caught trying to defraud us by making a false claim that you did not make a purchase after having a reading and receiving your download is forwarned that all correspondence, including emails and the recording of the reading itself, will be fowarded to your credit card merchant to show the communication made between you as the client and us as the service provider as proof of your acceptance to place and go through with a purchase through our website. This is why we request that following your purchase you send a screenshot of your PayPal email confirmation as not only proof of payment but that you have agreed to this session taking place and have authorised the payment as no refunds are given.

  • Following the self guided hypnosis session you will be emailed a download link of the recording, it is your responsibility to download to your computer asap as the server used to hold the download will automatically remove the file within 24 hours.

    We will hold the audio file for up to 24hrs on our server before deleting it.

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