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Trying to conceive?

Hello ladies..

If you are trying to conceive? Here's my tip for before, during and after interourse.


'Hold or have within a pillow beneath your head, a Moonstone'

Before & After

Visualise the Moon in your minds eye illuminating your uterine region, before and after hold the Moonstone against this area blessing the fertility and baby to be held successfully within.

The Moon is a powerful satellite the strength of it controls the ebb and flow of the tides and as we are made up of up to 90% water the Moon can control us, it's signals are incredibly strong in amplifying emotions hence the term when so much havoc goes on 'There's a full Moon out tonight'.

Many a woman's menstrual cycle is also controlled by the Moon and this is not uncommon to discover females from the same family often have theirs on or around the same time.

The Moonstone is an amplifier and traditionally coined "Goddess Power" hence why the High Priestess is crowned with the Moonstone upon her head, it has calming properties, brings focus and clarity, draws love when used in conjunction to the Rose Quartz and also traits healing properties not to mention aids in sweet dreams. To find a good Moonstone is quite rare these days given to many man made materials & resin to add shimmer but a good Moonstone has a veil of what appears like an Aura within a light shimmering line, as light enters it the light appears refracted and scattered, the aura of light actually appears to glow from deep within the surface of the stone.

Polished Moonstone can be easier and more calming to the user, hold the stones until you get one that appears to tingle within your hands, or a pulsating feeling is detected within ones palm where the stone lies. Not every stone will be unique for the user so you need to let the stone choose you, not the other way around.

I used this with my middle child, the child they said I'd never have.

~ Karen I have personally found the Moonstone to be successful for me and a few others, however every person is different and sometimes the universe plays a role in determining the right time for conception, please note whilst this may work for some those who may not find it works for them should not think themselves as being no good or not seen to be a loving nurturing parent, the right attitude is also important so be positive, and pray for what is divinely planned to manifest in the right time. Please note: If there is a medical reason that prevents you conceiving then consult your doctor, I am not a physician I do not diagnose.

~ Karen

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