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Crystals Speak & Hauntings

Yes it's true!

Crystals do speak and it was one day by chance I happened to capture the newest one I had just purchased from Texas that I had just finished programming, asking if I trusted them? (Video link included)

Naturally elements of nature I most certainly do trust, and without offending anyone, I would trust a crystal before I would trust a human. All things about us have living energies linked to its core. And before someone posts 'that things haunted!' Sigh... And trust me, there's always one.. No it's not haunted nor is it possessed by some demonic force. 🙄 Watch the video below

Since everything is made up of energy, energy is a life force in itself and therefore, just touching something leaves a fingerprint of energy upon it. Its not possessed but transferred a small portion of that. Sometimes when people die their energy moves through objects (other energy) and thus a small part of it can linger around it, until it finally detaches and moves on. How truly marvelous is life! 🙌 Hence how psychometricians can pick up things from inanimate objects and see images/flashes of the past. Now some may refer to it as a haunting, but know true haunting do not stay around forever unless the spirit wills itself to setup house, which it can. Often, these soul energies feel a string attachment to the person or location and on the good side, often become protective to those they co-exist with.

However if a spirit doesn't feel they would really be made welcome they often will go as quickly as they arrived, and often without the need fir any ritual house cleansing, which is not just a matter of walking about with a feather, shell and smudge stick on fire.

A proper house cleansing can take several hours and over several days if you have something negative there it also requires repetitive prayer and most of all faith and trust by all present otherwise you're just wasting your time. And believe me, they're exhausting! ~ Karen🌹

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