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Fate and our Angels

Firstly, who are your Angels? Angels often are with you from the time your soul entered the physical form (body) whilst in the womb. They guide your soul to the parent/s for a reason, you are never born of a mistake you are here purposely and sometimes the paths we are born into will be challenging or easy depending on the passage in life mapped out for us before we take our first breath.

(Above - my little Angel TJ photo taken at the Blue Mountains

Sometimes Angels guise themselves as baby's, they enter the world then leave it, I know it sounds cruel to a parent who wants answers as to why their baby died, just know, this wasn't a punishment to you this is to show you how to connect. Why they do this sometimes is anyone's guess but from what my Guide Sowella tells me is: Sometimes the path is suddenly changed, be it one or both parents attitudes changing which alters the path originally planned, there may be too much anxiousness or anger for that soul to continue it's right journey. And this is why babies come back and most Mother's know when they look into the eyes of their infant it's as if they know them, because they do, they loved you before they were born into a physical form. These tiny Angels (babies) are never born bad, even if they have a handicap they are precious in every way and the world needs them to help breath life and love back into it. So it is up to the parents and extended members of the family to keep a good path available for the baby. Some babies are born then suddenly a family breaks up, this is often looked upon as being sad and a bad start, sure it is, however believe it or not this may be planned not by the Angels of the infant but the Angels of the parent/s.. It could be that their Angels gave them the gift of life to the parent whose path was to enter one of loneliness and without that child they might succumb to leaving the world prematurely, sometimes this tiny baby is there to strengthen the broken souls around it. Sometimes the baby may be born to this person so they can reach the person who otherwise could never have a child. Fate? The path this child takes will be one of changing a view of one person or the world. They may be here for a short time or a long time but every single one of us, a gift to this world. And with every person are Angels and Guides ready and willing to help. Angels can be relatives too. Many loved ones that have left the world come back as 'Watchers' to take over and protect on a more emotional level the ones they left behind. Ever had an occassion of nodding off at the wheel? Felt a slap on the shoulder or heard a sound that alerted you and saved your life? Fate and our Angels go hand in hand and they are always working for our higher good, yes, even in the bad times, especially in the bad times. Angels speak to us daily Next time you go shopping watch a person as they are trying to decide on what to buy. Whilst they are almost in a trance state their mind is connecting to their logic and higher self (Angels) though many are unaware.. it's what I call the 'Instant Switch-off', this is often noticed when the person startles when a shop assistant asks if they need help.. You may also know of these moments when you're watching a show on TV and suddenly your seeing past your own level of vision into a daydream, this is how it is when I see visions almost day dream like, however I can speak of these as they come, where some people clam up or the mind switches the mouth to mute. Just be careful doing this when driving or operating any machinery. ;) Angels design our good thoughts Think back to a time when you felt in such a good mood you just wanted to do something nice for someone or you paid someone a compliment and they looked at you oddly because they saw a different you.. Well, that' great feeling you have equates to how you feel when you are aware your Angels are with you..Now imagine feeling that good all the time, on a constant cloud nine.. it IS possible! Your Angels are also your teachers, as are your Guides the Headmasters. Think of them this way and you'll understand my next rant.. Some may say 'oh yeah? If my Angels and Guides are with me then why is my life so stuffed up?!' Well, they are not going to correct your mistakes for you.. They are not going to make the man you have wanted suddenly fall in love with you.. They are not going to change a thing... Woah hold up you say.... did you just say They are not going to change a thing?! Yup! And let me tell you why... In order for you to understand life sometimes, you first need to understand lack and limitation, heartache and struggle, pain and loss. Without these experiences you cannot be considered human and your Soul wouldn't have a chance to find it's strengths and weaknesses. Your Angels and Guides hate to see you so lowly but they know that the Sun will always rise after the dark of night.. and so this journey is going to be one of your ability to wait out the darkness and embrace the light that rises back in your life. If you miss that opportunity to do so you will never get through it, darkness will be in every direction because you might spend too much time focussing on the pitfalls and not the looking up to see the birds that soaring above. But know this, your Angels and Guides will always embrace you no matter what fault you have done, they love you and there will never be anything that will deaden that emotion they have for you, they knew what paths you were going to walk and they chose to walk them with you, right by your side through thick and thin, good or bad, sickness and health right till the very end and beyond.. Now that is real love! Which brings me to the question one person recently asked me. With so much evil in the world (reference was made to animal cruelty) why doesn't Spirit do something to stop it? I asked Spirit once before and this time when I asked I was told 'Karen, if the living cannot do anything or won't do anything.then those in the new realm cannot intervene. The point is it is not up to us to stop this, it is up to you who are still there, but if you ask us to come to battle with you know we will be at your side.' Think of every single person as a drop in the ocean, together we can make waves and as you know water is a powerful element I guess that may be why we are made up of 65% of it :) Overall, your Angels can and will help you, but first you must completely let go of your problem, trust and hand it over to them and whatever comes of it know, that even if it doesn't turn out the way you want, continue to trust that there is a reason and they will guide you onto a happier path. But fight and resist or continue to doubt their help and they will have no choice but to stand back and let your experiences be what you make of them. In the end, know that sometimes they already know you are going to resist and your fate may be one of an eye-opening life changing experience. God, your Angels & Guides always want you to ask them for help, no matter how big or small it is because they know when you completely have given up and turned and asked sincerely you will see them in action. Once many many many years ago when TV used to be on in my home (to date it's been 9years switched off) I couldn't find the remote control. I searched high and low for this remote and in the end sat down on the lounge and said 'okay Guides, if you're with me, help me find that darn remote!' All of a sudden I felt hot, naturally I put it down to all the running around (exercise) I just did tearing the place apart looking for the remote LOL.. So I got up, walked over to open the window. I pulled back the blind and there was the remote on the window sill. It turned out that my then eldest who at the time had taken it to the window to wave her Daddy off, probably using it as an extension of her arm :D But the best one was when I found my biological Father.. (my story video below) And when did it happen? After I'd given up on pretty much ever finding him along with everything else in my life, I felt sunk emotionally I let go and God and my Angels were finally able to take over.. ~ Karen

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