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Updated: Aug 11, 2021

As much as many are programmed to believe in curses, no one person can truly put an effective spell on you unless you believe it possible. By focusing on your Guide's to protect your etheric body no curse has any effectiveness whatsoever.

Many who are told by so-called Mediums or *coughs* Sharman's, they are cursed, can begin to make themselves sick with worry so much so, that they will believe themselves to be cursed. This way you pay these people outlandish sums of money to rid you of it, well get ready to hear me roar!

'Whatever one thinks they attract'

Let me just state: *You cannot get cursed Ghost Hunting *You cannot get cursed having a tarot reading

*You cannot get cursed using a Spirit Box or Spirit App *People cannot put curses on someone with a positive, loving, healthy attitude. If you have that sort of mindset you need to understand YOU attract your own misfortune, if you think lack and limitation you will GET lack and limitation. Perhaps it's time to ask yourself 'What am I manifesting for myself?" because what you think, say and do with a negative attitude will attract negative things, curses are actually parts of the law of attraction. Change your attitude and you change your luck! It's really that simple!

It makes me so angry when I have to listen to the garbage people, who wouldn't know spirit is around even if it got so close as to scream in their ear, are claiming negative spirits are causing their misfortune, or others are doing voodoo or witchcraft.. Pleeeease.. these people are brainwashing so many with that mumbo jumbo crap. If one thing is a fact we create our OWN misfortune by the words and actions we plant daily, so technically people curse themselves.. In short every word, thought or action is molding your path ahead like tiny boomerangs being thrown out, eventually they come back to you. So don't throw out what you aren't prepared to deal with later on. This is NOT what spirit is about, sure you can have an angry spirit around, after all just because you aren't of flesh doesn't mean you have no feelings left inside or an opinion for that matter.

This is just one of the reasons I don't associate with others that claim to hear and speak with spirits, if they did they'd be told what I was told once when I asked them about the possibility of a person putting a curse on another person at this is what I had said to me "Karen, No! people blame us for their own stupidity, they need to take accountability and learn what this path has set out for them, what you refuse to learn cannot be escaped, it's Karmic and will follow you around until you face it and acknowledge & learn from it! Sometimes that can follow you until you change your thoughts and actions and only then will you change your fortune!"

~ Karen

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