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Last Night's Visiting Soul

This was a partial manifestation so since only her side profile appeared, I cropped the image to make it easier for you to see her. I really don't think there was any need for me to outline her profile given she was quite clear as far as I was concerned. What was interesting is the fact she told me how she 'Got away from him', it was as though she had this relieved sigh she kept giving 'I got away from him' 'I got away from him', I asked naturally who 'he' is and she said 'my husband, I had to do it otherwise I would had died by his hand'.

She appeared distant as she spoke and as she lifted her head as though looking into the distance she said 'I see them coming now', I asked 'who is it you see?', 'my Angels, my Angels are coming, I'm free, I'm free Karen'.. It was at this moment I secretly took the photo of her without the flash, as she spoke she would appear to illuminate, especially when saying the word 'Angels' which makes me wonder if it weren't the light emitting from the Angels themselves that reflected off her face.. It was honestly beautiful, the peace I felt from her voice, no level of pain just pure calm.

She kept her eyes fixed on the Angels she could see, obviously since they were there for her I could not see these majestic beings she described to me, I admit I felt a sense of envy and wonder at what this Soul in my room must had been longing for. Imagine being so broken that the only way of finding a little solace in whatever she suffered with 'him' must had made her succumb to this escape. One thing is for certain, with every Spirit I encounter throughout my life I always feel a plethora of emotions sweep over me, it's clear none are my own but a residual energy that escapes from them...


To think that one can through the last exit of this world find that emotions can be felt as separate links to one's existence is surreal in itself.


Though many have told me they do not really feel anything hence, no pain so there is no linked emotion but one of a stringed energy that they can pull toward them like a fishing line pulling in a catch.. like a fish that jumps about you can feel it on the line but not within oneself. Hence how they describe it as being separate. Before she took a few steps forward before she dissipated into a large glistening wall of what looked like dust being shaken into the sunlight, I asked 'Sorry, I didn't catch your name' then out of the thin air her disembodied voice softly radiated about the room.. ''.

I will continue to pray for Melanie's soul, in that in letting go she continues to walk with the Angels and be detached of whatever 'he' put her through move into the void where it belongs.

~ Karen

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