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The image that appeared on my wall.

Possibly Pareidolia

Okay as everyone knows I am highly skeptical of random shapes etc that are clearly pareidolia and it's highly probable the photo I'm sharing is just that.

However I went into the storage room today and was sitting down going through some things when I noticed a shadow move beside me. I said "if you're going to be around me, whoever you are just show yourself". I don't even know why, but looking up on the wall was a face that took me aback, it looked like the face on the Turin of Jesus. The markings around the crown of his head alarmed me more as it resembles the blood from the crown of thorns. Now to add, I have been in this room countless times and never seen this however I must take into account time of day and lighting from window playing tricks on the wall or could this just be something more?

Given I have something major coming Monday a week from today, I felt a combination of wonder and peace, what was more intriguing was it challenged my belief not in God, because those who know me know l will always give him honor and praise as l certainly am not afraid to tell the whole world l believe in him.

In my last livestream I shared my experience as a child when I ran and hugged the man l believed to be Jesus in my dream, who walked the path of my grandmothers home toward me telling me "go back inside", l am sitting here now wondering if there may just be some element of truth in alleged pareidolia even if it only gives rise in ones faith, how bad can it be?

I decided to go inside and get my mobile to take a photo of this, so l sat back down, poised my mobiles camera at it and hit the shutter. The light from the window seemingly added a sort of iridescent halo around the face.

Maybe it's a sign he is with me through this maybe its JUST pareidolia, but nevertheless how lovely if even to think my lord is with me at this time when I need him most.


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