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A Blessing & Meditation

Your daily blessing

‘When the fog in your mind clears, you’ll see the greater picture.’

Right now Spirit reveals to me that many reading this are emotionally and mentally stuck, it could be a decision must be made or there are too many choices going on.



Here’s a quick meditation:

Quieten your mind, think of sitting in a large forest, the fog all around and above your head are the blockages, the confusion, the fears of how things will turn out. The cold of the fog bites against your skin like sharp tiny ice pincers.

Breathe in hold for 3 seconds

Breathe out for 3 seconds

(Do this 2 more times)

Now in your mind call out to the Sun, watch the fog illuminate and begin to fade within the Suns golden warm rays that stream through the trees like an old friend approaching to greet you with a warm embrace. Feel it touch your hands and arms, your legs and face, experience it’s warm gentle embrace.

You now look up and the fog is gone, so to all that has been challenging is just as the fog, there’s a new beginning that manifests within your own difficult circumstances, that now are dissipated from your path.

Now stretch and feel the flow of energy rush through your being like new blood through your veins.


Stay blessed 🙏🏼


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