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Are You Puzzled?

Your daily blessing

“Life is a large jigsaw puzzle, every piece perfectly designed to fit to create the bigger picture”.

An interesting spiritual message was given me this morning, l was so moved by it l felt l ought to share this with you.

If you could change one event in your life, knowing it would effect your life and those around you as it is now, what would you change?

Be careful what you say, it could mean that the children you have may never had been born, or the partner you have might never had been met. Or the job or residency you have may never had been.

Often after a decent pause you will realise that life is like a jigsaw puzzle, every piece is essential to complete the puzzle of your life.

The message spirit has is see your life experiences as essential for your life, the good as the easy pieces that just fall into place and the hardest pieces as the ones that test your patience not to scrap it altogether.

Once that puzzle is completed this is how it was described as being the moment the soul is fulfilled and in turn released. So slow down, don’t rush, just like a puzzle patience is the key.


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