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Can Spirits call phones?🌹

The answer is yes.

There are many who have had a call from a deceased person either on their answering machine or on the phone. It's not a new phenomenon but one that since technology has been around the afterlife are finding more ways to make contact. Sometimes it's to help people, like the event where a person was injured and a call was made to have an ambulance attend only for the attending physicians to be told by the person they never called them.

Divine intervention? Yup! I'd call it that!

The reality is that we are all made up of energy and spirit is entirely made up of this also, a living universal energy. So, for them to work through technology or electrical appliances only makes sense. Because their frequency is pure that's why they don't need to use our energy. And anyone saying to them to use their energy to communicate needn't. It's up to them not us. If they don't want to communicate then we should respect that choice.

Sometimes they just want to say 'Hey I am around'. And then, sometimes they will just watch over you as best they can while being quiet. The reality is they know what is best for you.

I myself, have had a case where my answering machine was blinking one day after work. When I clicked it the voice of my grandfather was on it asking me to pick up that he needed to speak with me. Then the message ended. When I clicked to replay it the machine announced ‘You have no new messages’.  I hadn’t deleted anything, it just vanished. My grandfather had been deceased for over 5 years.

Me and my Pa on my 3rd birthday

As it would turn out, one of my aunts (his daughter) shared a similar story with me about my him calling her answering machine.

Sometimes they can voice hijack a call. Where you can have a conversation with them, it’s amazing, it truly is. So if you happen to get one give thanks for the opportunity. As although these occur, sadly they don’t always happen. But they do occur, probably more than you think.

The old adage definitely applies here, 'where there's a will there's always a way.'

Share your experience in the comments.

Let others know they aren't alone.

You're probably wondering if he ever told me what he wanted to say to me. Well during a visitation he was so stunned that I saw him he was speechless. But I felt that his message was to let us know about my grandmother who not long after that call was admitted to hospital for a heart attack, not one but several and the doctors were amazed that she had survived with no heart damage. They used the difibulator on her several times to the point she was black from the chest all the way up to her jawline, yet all she had was a tiny scar on her heart. Her time wasn't due.

I remember the day I saw my grandfather, I hugged him tightly saying 'what took you so long?!' I remember feeling the texture of his jumper and then it wasn't just the one visit but two in one day. What happened was after the first visit from him I remember messaging my aunts to tell them about that.. I then received a response from, I guess you could call her my most skeptic Aunt, who said that she was only just telling her son that she had a dream of her father that very morning. And when I told her what he was wearing. She almost dropped the phone saying, that's exactly what she saw him wearing. However, it was not what he was laid to rest in.

Have you ever had this a call from a deceased person? 

Have you received a text message from a deceased person?  (These are common also).

Stay blessed 🙏🏼


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What an incredible experience to have. I feel them with me sometimes but never lucky enough to have visitation or phone calls/ msg. Perhaps one day!🥰

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