Create A Spiritually Guided Date Jar.

Updated: Dec 23, 2019

Looking to spice up a relationship is fun and easy with the Spiritually Guided Date Jar.

Create A Spiritually Guided Date Jar

Perfect for the couple, family, or even if it's just you, write on scraps of paper suggestions of things to do together or alone, it could be snuggling and watching a chick flick, having a after hours picnic, go to the beach, a stroll, bike rid, horse riding etc. Be creative!

If creating this jar for yourself, it is used as a means of luring you into the relationship divinely planned for you, leading you to the place you’re likely to meet them.

Then fold up the paper and toss it back into the jar.

Take turns alternating every weekend to shake the jar, asking your Guides to reveal what it is that you, or your relationship or family are guided to do that weekend. The goal is to trust the suggestion and just do it!

Simply reach into the jar and allow your fingers to be guided to the piece of paper with the chosen activity. (You will feel the paper you are meant to choose, tapping or nudging against your index finger).

For many choices are frustrating, this technique takes the guesswork out of not only what to do together that weekend but may lead you to something magical in your life.

If you prefer avoid losing the suggestions, you can transfer them once you have chosen one, to a second jar so that once the contents are gone from the original jar you can start over again etcetera etcetera. Or simply let destiny work at its own pace, even if it means having to do the same thing two or three times in a row.

Please remember to leave a reply below and let me know how you go.

Blessings ~Karen

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