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Encouraged to smile

Today’s spiritual message

‘Treat yourself to happiness’

No matter what you are facing right now, remember to embrace happiness.

Too often when a person loses someone to the new world, we see that you feel guilty for laughing or smiling, but know these moments are sent to you from your us, because we want you to treat yourself to happiness.

What you will all come to realise at the end of your journey, is how important seeing that the ones you love are happy. There are some cultures who celebrate their loved ones by having parties and this pleases the Spirit immensely.

We understand that this is often hardest, but we are with you to encourage you to smile again, without a smile your spirit is being denied its right and we do not want you to suffer any more than you already have.

So see these moments as gifts from those gone before you, when you laugh or smile we laugh and smile with you, we ask you do not feel guilty for doing so. Because your happiness enables us to move on to our promised land, knowing you will be alright, don’t worry, we will all reunite again and in the meantime, please embrace the joyful moments we send.

Guide Sowella 🌱

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