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To Be Satisfied...

Your daily blessing

“To be satisfied in life, one first must be enlightened.”

Inner peace is essential when seeking happiness, love and security.

Unless you are enlightened these things will become further out of reach, or will become short lived events. Remember the answer of your happiness isn’t found in another person, the answer is found within yourself.

By becoming more spiritually aware of things you are attracting to yourself, by connecting with the divine, God and Angels, you find and develop true inner peace and happiness. In turn you draw like minded individuals into your presence.

Such is, as you have come to discover, in the type of individuals you draw unto yourself when you feel negative you increase the attraction to like minded individuals with issues or troubles and in turn high expectations, that often always, will land face down.

Encountering those who take advantage of you, lie to your face and stab you in the back are amplified when your path is one of seeking fulfilment & satisfaction in others.

Be still, wait on the will of Heaven and in the meantime focus on meditation, self healing and spiritual strength.

It is always there it is the one thing that has never abandoned you, even when you may abandon yourself or your hopes and dreams.

God and his Angels are waiting for you right now, to take your mental hands off your situation so they can step in and manifest what is divinely planned.


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