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“When in doubt, get out!”

Your daily blessing

‘When in doubt, get out’

Remember that just because someone pays attention to you doesn’t make that person right for you. Ask your Angel’s to show you the necessary red flags if they have any to reveal and ask they make these black and white to you.

Don’t ever feel bad for being cautious, best to be safe than go through unnecessary pain later on because you ignored the gut instincts or signs given.

Some signs can be:

🚩Racial comments - yet they hypocritically make out they are friends to the same race of people they have to your face offended.

🚩Criticism over the way you look. This is a major red flag as this means they are only out to make you into someone they can control.

🚩They get jealous of you talking to family or friends. They want to segregate you this is not cute its a narcissist control.

🚩Walking ahead of you when out.

This arrogance shows they see themselves as superior to you and that you are expected to follow them like a dog.

🚩Making offensive comments then pretending it was “just a joke”. No person who genuinely cares would say nasty or hurtful things.

These are just a few off the top of my head..

Mind you, they may have a great deal of good points that make it hard to decipher if they are or aren’t right for you. However the main point is to remember that not all abuse is physical, sometimes the worst type of abuse is psychological.

Overall, if something just makes you feel insecure this is doubt, so my advice is, get out quickly!

Stay blessed 🙏🏼


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