Why God Gave Us Two Hands

Updated: Aug 18, 2019

Why God gave me two hands

I've figured it out ๐Ÿ˜‰

It was during a simple lift of the window using just one hand I realised how difficult and heavy it was, then reaching up with my other hand I lifted it with ease.

It occurred to me at that moment how much support in life we really don't see or notice until it's gone.

I then reflect on losing my loved ones, fortunately I know they are still around helping me in times I may not realise but they are like my other hand, a strength that produces a way of coping during the hardest of times.

I often wish I could have a chance to turn back the hands of time and oh how much I would do differently if I could. But I'm here now, dealing with a heavy heart but it's only heavy because inside my heart is the heart of every loved one I've ever lost.

They don't need their hearts where they are, only the emotions and over time I've come to realise that if I ever doubt how much they love me all I needed to do was feel my heart and how heavy it is, this tells me, how much I am loved that heaviness isn't sorrow, it's love.

Our loved ones may be invisible now but remember we are made of energy. Everything around us is energy, what happens when we exert energy? It disperses so this is the same for our soul. It simply disperses from the container it once inhabited.

I would be lost without my other hand and now I think I've figured out why God gave me two, to remind me, us, not to take the unselfish help from our loved ones for granted, because someday, at any moment they can be gone and all we have are the memories of the strength they gave us during times we otherwise might had struggled.

I often reflect on the small things, l guess l have always been this way, call it .. Just trying to see the bigger picture of it all. It may be how philosophers viewed things, in depth, looking at the source and benefit of existence.

Yet if it's one thing we are all striving for in life, its one thing.... Answers.

โค๏ธ Karen

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