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You can’t escape the world.

Your daily blessing

“Never be afraid to separate from the herd once in a while.”

Too often we end up with Allodoxaphobia, we think it’s safer to follow the herd rather than have or share an opinion on something because of what others might think or say in return.

Spirit advise us to speak up, if there’s toxicity in ones job, remember you have a right to work without the office politics or narrow mindedness of others bringing you down.

If it’s family members making you feel trapped, you have a right to be free and lead a positive and happy life.

If it’s injustice, and you know it’s wrong don’t sit on your hands because you feel your opinion doesn’t count, ignore that voice of fear within!

You can’t escape the world but you can escape the negativity it breeds. Don’t be a part of its problem, if you can be a part of its solution!

Thank you Spirit 🙏🏼

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