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You have Anchors

Your daily blessing

You may not realise it but, the reason you struggle to move forward isn’t from lack of trying, it’s the anchors you have tied around your waist that stop you.

What are these anchors you might ask?

Well, Pain is the biggest anchor, Resentment is the medium sized anchor and the smaller ones are Annoyances, which you may carry many of.

Every anchor can prevent you attaining your dreams, reaching your goals or keeping you feeling stuck.

You’ve seen the movies or life stories of people who forgave the person who murdered a loved one. They weren’t pleased they did, they know the only way for them to release themselves or their loved one from the hell of what happened is to forgive that person, so a higher judge can take control and they can release the anchors holding their life in pain.

It doesn’t mean they won’t forget what happened, it means they no longer will allow it intoxicating their body and mind because of it.

As difficult as it may be, forgive the things that have hurt and are still hurting you. These are your anchors that prevent you from moving forward and reaching your goals or fulling your dreams.

Today, reflect on all the people or things that have tied you up in knots, made you grind your teeth, made you feel unworthiness, made you angry and caused you to feel revengeful inside.

And give ‘yourself’ permission to release it, it was never yours to start with, you took their parcel of pain and opened it up into your life.

Now shut it and in your minds eye, see yourself setting that parcel on fire watching it burn to cinders that float up in the breeze created by the wings of Angels, flying up higher and higher until you see it no more.

Today you CAN free yourself, the question is “do you want to?”

“I send the parcels of pain back to those who handed them to me. I set it free!


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