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Updated: Mar 2, 2020

One night in October 2014 when my other half had gone across to W.A. to do some Gold detecting, I laid down in my bed to go to sleep. I'm often having visitations in my room from those on the other side, often standing just at the door or outside of it waiting for me to acknowledge them. I recall I had a long night and returned home late from the office after doing a mediumship based reading for a lady, I ended up with bad pain and took some painkillers, the sleep was welcomed as I snuggled up to my pillow and began going off to sleep the moment my head touched the pillow. My young daughter decided to come in and climb into my bed, saying she couldn't sleep in her room. So laying there, with eyes closed my daughter drifted off to sleep in no time, whilst I was just about to when in front of my closed eyes I had a bright light appear. I know the room was dark and I thought 'oh here we go'.. I kept my eyes closed and felt this incredible electrical sensation across my face and into my jaw, teeth with fillings began to pulsate and the nerves in my lip began to twitch.. It was a blinding white/gold light and so bright that even to attempt to look into it was impossible. I tried to however my eyelids were shaking from the energy this spirit was emitting. Right then I heard 'Hiiiiii I'm Chrissss, I really love you'. Being so close up to my face and hearing that, and given the fact I knew no Chris. I was feeling quite nerved. His light was amazingly bright and overpowering. I began to close my eyes tighter, something I seldom do but the fact he was saying he loved me had me not wanting to encourage who'ever he was, not long after this I think the pain killers took effect and I was out cold. The next day I woke and was excited to share this new visit with my older daughter, she then said 'are you sure that wasn't from the pain killers you took?', given how odd this visitation was to others I agreed that perhaps she was right and brushed it off as a strange hallucination with a voice LOL. Just at that moment, I sensed him there, in the room with me.. sitting on my bed! I wondered, so I grabbed my iPhone and began the recorder, so if I am imagining it nothing should be captured .. right? Well I asked 'if you are the same Chris from last night, can you please repeat what you said into this' holding out the phone with the recorder now turned on this recording is what was captured..

What is remarkable is the energy you can hear this spirit is giving off creating a strange electrical rhythm on the recording.

Here is another where he recorded himself using my same iPhone to take a selfie.

~ Karen

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