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Death bed visitation vision from Spirit (As seen through the veil)

I asked spirit to show me how they look at us through the veil they showed me a man sitting in a hospital bed wearing a blue hospital gown, the image you are looking at is the same one shown to me, this was an ITC communication using nothing more than my coffee mug and warm water .

Could it be they showed me how those of this world on their deathbed see their Spirit visitors,? I didn't ask if the man I saw was dying, though he did look curiously toward me. Before I stopped I saw him pull the covers back and try to get out of the bed. This made me feel odd. Wait.. did spirit show me this through their eyes or could they had allowed me a chance to step behind the veil momentarily? No, not possible or is it? ; ) I'm sure this is how I look to them most times when I can see them but sometimes strain to make out what I'm actually looking at, especially when they only partially manifest or stand right back into the shadows. : ) Below this image was revealed to me as I closed my eyes and performed an ITC session asking them to help reveal what I am being shown, I've been doing an experimental type of communication to see if, like that of a video can capture a memory, maybe with the help of spirit, they can transfer my visions they provide me through the ITC. I must say with eyes closed and a sleeping mask over my eyes it was a little strange as I normally have my eyes open during my visions. I felt slightly off balanced, perhaps a middle ear thing. however the camera was positioned to record over the top of my quaint coffee mug of warm water (no fancy big complicated bowls for me) ; )

At the beginning of this I asked aloud. "Spirit I give thank that you allow my camera to record what you are showing me through vision of how you see us through the veil..." ending with "I thank you in advance". There are times one can easily dismiss vision as wild fantasy or an over active imagination, especially if it's a vision playing out and not a physical manifestation in front of oneself. I am very fortunate that spirit with me are willing to help me show those who aren't able to see, that they really do connect with us, one thing Spirit has promised is .. "All those in the old world will see us as you do, before their last breath is taken"

So those who wish they could see spirit know there will be that day you will and believe me, you'll feel an electrifying wave of emotion especially when you see your beautiful loved ones, I still get emotional because it feels more special when they visit from the other side, unlike how they did when they lived here in their physical forms. Sometimes' I'll have just beautiful signs. Like the one my mother showed me in a darkened room below

My mother's sign to show me she was around

Another occassion spirit showed me a baby figure on my wall glowing a beautiful golden light, pure radiation which is how I often see new souls. I have no idea whose baby this was or whether it were a soul looking for a new body to begin a new life passage. As I pretty much always do if I have enough time or the alertness to even think about it especially when I wake up first thing to see these, or get woken during the night to these visits. I try my best to encapsulate these visits using my mobile phone. Mainly because many of my clients for that day may be somehow linked to these visitors.

~ Karen

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