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'The Letter'

One thing that I feel from my work as a Medium is peace during my contact with Spirit.

I recall a time where a Spirit visited me after they said their body form was just laid to rest and they would be having their loved one come to me, she prepared me with the words she wanted passed on, and had me write them out and place them in a sealed envelope with two words on the front 'Love Mum'.

I must state I was a little nervous as these things are usually what I pass on with Spirit present. I asked "how will I know who to pass the message to?" She smiled and turning her ring said 'Oh I know you'll know".

A week passed and numerous readings but I had other Spirits present themselves, but not this female. I still however, kept the envelope, I sat it behind my phone in the office.

One evening I thought 'you beauty! Early mark!' And began to clean and pack up to go home, when the phone rang. "Hi, I was wondering if I could get a reading now please? I'm just down the road and I could come now.' I looked at the time and said 'oh okay'.

I unpacked the laptop & mic and said a prayer for protection for all that enter therein and welcomed anyone that may be there for the person arriving. Just as I moved the handset back onto he phone the envelope slid off the table onto the floor at my feet. I picked it up and put it back promptly.

Then the client appeared at the door, a young woman, very tired looking with eyes that clearly showed a lack of sleep.

I welcomed her in and she sat down, I did my usual speech of please don't tell me why you're wanting to see me, suddenly I had this incredible feeling surround me, the female Spirit saying 'the envelope, she's here Karen, give her the envelope'. I got up and picked up the envelope, holding it close I said to this young woman, I have something I am being told to give to you. She said 'what is it? I said 'open it and find out' as soon as I placed it in front of her she burst into tears as the words 'Love Mum' faced her.

She said 'how? You didn't even know I was going to come here, I didn't know I was going to be coming here!' I said 'but Spirit knows'.

The reading went beautifully but the biggest thing she took away wasn't what I could give her, but the message from her mother who I learnt was one of my followers. She said 'Mum secretly used to sneak on your Youtube channel and loved watching your videos and said to me when she goes Karen's the first stop!' and she hasn't been nor do I believe she will be the last to visit from our page.

Once I was woken by one who said her daughter wants a reading LOL cheeky..

I came to learn from a reminder message tonight from this woman that everything her mother said in that letter has been her strength and she firmly believes now in the afterlife, she wanted to thank me for listening to her mother and doing her one last wish. Adding 'I wish we would had thought of having you give a speech at her service'.

How incredibly sweet is that!

~ Karen

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