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Spirit Visits the day after passing

On Wednesday the 22nd June this year at 11:15pm, I had a visitation from a male, he never gave his name but his visit was rushed to say the least. As I had a notepad in front of me from just having finished my readings for the night, this notepad is where I write all my visions and any messages that come through, often warning me of things to come or changes I need to make. He asked me if I could draw him to show his family he was okay, indicating that his passing was sudden and if they saw him they'd know he was okay. I began to draw his face to the best of my ability given his brief appearance, it's not uncommon for them to only hold a short manifestation before dissipating. Below is the image I drew, I then posted it at his request, on The High Priestess Studio page.

The following morning there was a comment left by one person saying he looked like her Dad. Then no more was heard of.. until a few nights ago when I was booked for a reading that for some reason earlier I agreed to do an 8:30pm for a special.. Here is what I posted on my Facebook page given how incredible the energy coming through that last session was...

My Post on Facebook following the reading.

Later my P.A. contacted me asking me to check the Facebook Page I did and discovered this was sent in by the daughter who turned out was the one I read for....

And this post adjoining it:

How wonderful that in less than 1 day of leaving this world this man who clearly looks much younger in years was so determined to make sure his loved one's knew he was okay that he asked me to draw him. I'm just pleased that my talent for drawing was trusted enough in this instance. It really is an honour when Spirits seek me out to bring so much happiness to their loved ones remaining here. I never question anything anymore, I just go in trust they know what they're doing, and this gent certainly knew somehow his daughter would see the page and who knows, maybe his request I draw him was his way of giving some weight that there is a here after. :) ~ Karen

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